Anna Dello Russo In Moschino – Moschino Dinner

Anna Dello Russo In Moschino - Moschino Dinner

We’ve always known Moschino for its fun approach to fashion, but Jeremy Scott took that to a whole new level for his first runway show for the Italian brand yesterday morning.

The tongue-in-cheek, quirky pieces included a wedding gown covered in nutritional facts, a chocolate-brown Hersey-bar wrap gown, a Cheetos gown – which someone needs to send Britney Spears’ way – and several pieces giving an ode to McDonalds.

No surprises that Anna Dello Russo was wearing a red sweater as a dress and a red quilted clutch, both featuring a modified version of the famous golden arches.

Taking the styling even further than the runway, she added high-heeled red open-toe lace-up sandals and a french-fries phone cover – and of course, no ADR look would be complete without a fanciful headpiece, so on this occasion she completed her look with a feathered fascinator.

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  • I actually don’t mind the majority of ADR’s ensemble — I like my fashion served cheesy with a side of irony at times — but the feathered headband has got. to. go. My skin won’t stop crawling thinking about it. *shudders*

  • Dhppy

    When I saw this collection, I thought “Who in the world would wear this?”. I have my answer.

  • fiona4802

    Every time I see this woman what springs to mind is “Fashion Victim”.

  • Lola

    I ‘ve got one word: freakish

  • Peter

    About to be sued by Mcdonalds.

  • Anne Gallagher

    How ironic to see slender models, ones who would never dare eat junk food, sashay down the catwalk enveloped in candy wrappers.

    Frankly, I think the collection is quite tacky. Who is going to actually wear this? Wouldn’t it be a bit strange for a celebrity to wear this? One brand wearing another brand.

  • yesferdinand

    That head piece is prada, btw.

  • Pedro

    I love the iPhone case! lol

  • justme

    She looks a hot mess as usual but she seems to love it and have fun so go for it, girl. It couldn’t be me but it has to be someone.

  • Jones19

    This is the epitome of consumerism. Horrific.

  • CreoleLady

    Mickey Dee’s called. They want their golden arches back.

  • dee

    I cringe everytime I see her name is a post. She looks awful per usual.

  • Leo

    She looks like a McDonalds worker from the circus of hell. My eyes! My eyes!

  • gabis

    This ranks my top 3 WDOTY. She looks like a walking Mcdonald’s add.

    • Alina


    • Yeliz


    • Agi


  • Christine

    This collection is right up her alley! I can’t take this collection seriously. Perfect for quirky performances and fun looks for the stage.

    • Princess Chi Chi

      ITA cannot take it seriously! That bag is clearly meant to be a knockoff of the Chanel boy purse which, whilst not unexpected, is still a little disappointing.

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