Lea Seydoux In Prada – ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Berlinale Film Festival Premiere

Lea Seydoux In Prada - 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Berlinale Film Festival PremiereLéa Seydoux was on the red carpet for the premiere of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ on Wednesday (February 6) during the 64th Berlinale Film Festival at Berlinale Palast in Berlin, Germany.

The actress took a Prada gown out for a spin, wearing this nearly neon-pink number with a slight train.

The design house’s signature quirk came in, not only with the colour, but also with the short sleeves and stark black embellishment around the bodice.

That said, I’m not sure the dress translated as effectively as would have been preferred, especially with the rather unfortunate sheen of the fabric.

Keeping her makeup to a minimum with only a light-pink lip, she pulled her hair into a side-parted low bun—although I believe there are far better hues than bright bubblegum to go with those flame-red locks.

Did you like this pink Prada moment for Léa?

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14 thoughts on “Lea Seydoux In Prada – ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Berlinale Film Festival Premiere

  1. Nat39

    Can’t say it’s a great gown but I think she carries it off well. The colour actually works well for her imo, the silhouette is beautiful on her figure, the embellished detailing adds just enough interest to prevent the look from being too plain (although it almost looks like it outlines a bra over the gown), her simple toned down styling is spot on, considering the bold colour of the gown, she looks poised, elegant and graceful. I think she pulls it off.

  2. Valissa

    I simply adore Lea and she deserves much better than this! The colour, silhouette and fit of this dress is all wrong on her….

  3. Mandy

    I really dislike the black detailing, perhaps without it this would be an alright look, but unfortunately this is rather ugly.

  4. cherrysoftness

    There’s a piece of thread or something sticking out on her left side. I mean, come on, the choice of fabric seems poor enough as it is, the black detailing looks cheaply made, I feel like, is this a real dress?

  5. arang

    The pink looks great on her, as does the overall line of the dress. But it looks cheap to me. That pink, in satin, with chunky, oddly placed black embellishments? No.


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