Holland Roden In Elena Reva – ‘Vampire Academy’ LA Premiere

Holland Roden In Elena Reva - 'Vampire Academy' LA Premiere

Holland Roden joined Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland on the red carpet for the premiere of ‘Vampire Academy’ held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Tuesday (February 4) in Los Angeles, California.

With the bold lip making a dramatic return, the colour-loving star wore an Elena Reva Spring 2014 watercolour top and trousers styled with white Olcay Gulsen pumps and an Amanda Pearl clutch in a mix of colours which complemented her ensemble.

I’m loving the mix of colours and the styling, including the topknot.

The model works the top brilliantly to showcase the flare, but with Holland’s arms close to her sides that detail is somewhat lost, but I wouldn’t I expect Holland to walk the red carpet with duck arms.

Credit: Elena Reva & Getty

21 thoughts on “Holland Roden In Elena Reva – ‘Vampire Academy’ LA Premiere

  1. betty brandenburg

    You say your only problem is the top because she holds her arms by her side. She’s not a mannequin and surely she doesn’t need to model the clothes she wears in the same way as the model in a foto shoot. Somewhat spurious to judge the look on how she stands at this particular moment. I think it’s a great look.

    1. Catherine Kallon Post author

      I think you misunderstood my comment :D

      I am not wishing for her to stand like the model, I was saying is miss the flare on the red carpet and I feel the look is more dynamic in the look book.

  2. Princess Chi Chi

    Pants look off, perhaps its the angle of the photo. Love her styling though, a daring look exceptionally styled!

  3. Shantal

    I actually like everything here from head to toe, which is a little surprising as I’m not such a big fan of such type of tops.

  4. Tracy

    Love how her clutch coordinates with her outfit! I love how daring and brave she is with her fashion choices.

  5. Eliza

    Best Dressed of the week material!!!! Love the vibrant colors, it’s go hard or home and Holland hit it outta the park! The styling is so on point and it looks like holland is confident comfortable and stylish. Score: A+++

  6. Eliza

    Tried posting earlier but not sure if it went through so giving it another shot….Best dressed of the week material! Love the vibrant colors, go hard or go home and Holland hit it outta the park! Styling so on point, she looks fashion forward and comfortable which really shows off her confidence. A+++

  7. Nat39

    The top is a bit too ‘maternity’. But otherwise I like it – the colours, the styling…all nice and refreshing.

    1. Nat39

      I like that she fully committed to this bold look and didn’t try to tone it down or break it up, I just wish the pants fit her properly like on the model, this what brings down the look for me mostly.

  8. the ogre

    I agree with the others that the styling is exceptional but there’s too much going on colour-wise. Her flame hair, the multicoloured attire, the orange lip. She could have done away with the lip colour and applied a more subdued one but still it is quite a statement.

  9. kane

    The proportions are off and she’s not selling this. Shame really I think it goes well with her hair and complexion.


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