Rihanna In Chanel – Good Morning America

Rihanna In Chanel - Good Morning America

Before attending the launch of MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam Rihanna yesterday evening, the singer made a guest appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ to promote her collaboration with the cosmetics brand.

Rihanna worked an uptown-ladies-who-lunch look consisting of a chic Chanel coral boucle skirt suit worn with an Adam Selman white bodysuit.

I would’ve expected a twist or some edge, but the chic showing continued to her taupe Manolo Blahnik ankle-strap pumps and selection of jewels with only her new hand tattoo hinting at bad girl RiRi.

Are you surprised by this look from Rihanna?

Vogue USA March 1994

Thanks to Lola who has pointed out that Rihanna’s Chanel suit is from Chanel’s Spring 1994 collection.

Credit: Disney ABC Television Group & Vogue March 1994

31 thoughts on “Rihanna In Chanel – Good Morning America

  1. Charlotte

    I hate this look !
    I never liked this Chanel suits and on her it’s even worse, plus her styling is awful.
    It’s dated and she doesn’t look good.

  2. Annel

    Well, she scubbed up nicely, but I’m not really convinced. It’s like hiding a tiger in a doll’s dress ;)

  3. Taylahre

    is that you Riri? Wow she’s looks very spring tea party in this . I have mixed feelings apart of me is applauding her for looking so smart and classy but the other part of me is screaming for some edge … Some rihanna

  4. Peony

    Not a fan. She makes it look cheap, or like a costume. Imagine it on Diane Kruger…a waste of a good Chanel suit.

  5. LOLA

    It is Chanel Vintage from the Spring 1994 RTW collection.
    It’s a good look but iam not a fan of the jacket on her. She should have cropped the lenght of the sleeves.

  6. CreoleLady

    I am too distracted by the huge tattoo on her hand. I’ll pass — the Pocohantas hair, boxy jacket, ankle straps and super short length are a bit much for me. A few tweaks and I might like the look better.

  7. Francois Bresmal

    Hmmm well, what happened to Riri? A few weeks ago she was almost naked and oh-so-provocative in her music videos and now she’s lady like and impeccably dressed? I have to digest that before saying if I like this look or not :D

  8. ilike2smize

    Seems like Lola took my scoop. I had posted the origins of this suit the day before her on a different style blog…..I had listed all info including the designer, model, the photographer and the magazine/publication date….this image is burned in my memory and the tearsheet is in my archive…but whatever……

  9. Yeliz

    The skirt is too short but I still find myself loving this look mostly because we don’t see such chic and lovely looks from her so often. The colour is beautiful against her skin tone.

  10. GGG

    I can’t help but notice how healthy the models looked back then. They look like real women… Stunningly gorgeous, but healthy and fit. Not like today’s models, which all look like pre-teens.

  11. julyol1972

    Most people don’t realize that Rihanna dresses like this quite a lot, especially when she’s home in Barbados attending events. Most press is given to her skimpier outfits, but she dresses very conservatively out and about in her home country, when she’s not hanging at the beach.

    This conservative, classy and very pretty way of dressing is nothing new for her.


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