Priyanka Chopra In Alexander McQueen – 2014 Idea FilmFare Awards

Priyanka Chopra In Alexander McQueen - 2014 Idea FilmFare Awards

Priyanka Chopra attended the 2014 Idea FilmFare Awards in Mumbai, India on Friday (January 23).

The Bollywood beauty wore an Alexander McQueen Spring 2014 embellished peplum strapless gown styled with a stunning pair of Atelier Mon earrings and wavy side-swept locks.

Priyanka looks breathtaking. This is not even a question – but what, perhaps, is questionable is why she would wear the same gown as someone so high profile.

You may remember that Naomie Harris wore this same gown to the royal premiere for ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ nearly two months ago.

I have never quite understood why one actress would want to follow in another’s footsteps, because the focus, for me at least, switches from how good you look in the dress to who looked better in the dress.

You can buy Priyanka’s Alexander McQueen Peplum Gown from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

35 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra In Alexander McQueen – 2014 Idea FilmFare Awards

    1. Anj

      +1. If I had access to such beautiful clothing, I wouldn’t care if 100 people already wore it. I’d want to wear what I’d like.

  1. Rebecca Z

    Maybe they have irresistible gown lust. It can be interesting to see different takes on the same dress.

    1. kane

      “Irresistible gown lust” hehe, suffering from that all too often as well. At least these ladies can do something about it.

      She looks fine, but, no doubt, only second-best.

  2. Lisa

    Priyanka looked great but she shouldn’t have worn something that was already done by another famous actress. Now it’s all about who wore it better.
    I blame the stylist!

  3. amber

    I agree, she should not have worn the same dress after someone as amazing as Naomi Harris wore it soo well!
    No one can even come close to Naomi in this dress; Priyanka ruins it!

  4. Maya

    I do agree that stylists should be more careful not to make this mistake in the future, but I think this is the best that Priyanka has looked on the red carpet for a LONG time, so kudos to her for that.
    I’m was just wondering FC, what did you think of Deepika Padukone’s dress at this event? Thanks x

  5. RT

    Priyanka looks breathtaking, perfect. FC I differ with you.
    My question is Y not? Do we not breath the same air ? Do we all not eat and drink pretty much same things ? Basic are the same. but then why do we obsess with questions like celebs repeating clothes or wearing same clothes. Its always new when some one else wears it and gives a non living thing like a dress a personality.

  6. Yeliz

    She looks amazing, no doubtly, but when I see this gown it always reminds me of Naomie’s breathtaking look and I guess it always will.

  7. neelta

    i disagree wid u completely FC…infact the gown looks far better on Priyanka..the way it accentuates her curves n all……….

    1. Ahot

      ITA & for the question, well she wore it maybe because she loved it & as FC stated: “Priyanka looks breathtaking”. + I think the stylist might be the one to blame for that. In fact Bollywood seems to get the hand-me-down of Hollywood most of the time, Deepika being the best example of it.

      1. Amber

        Totally agree! Deepika wore the exact same Alexander McQueen dress that Kate Hudson wore to the Golden Globes last year, and she completely ruined the dress with terrible styling!

  8. Susan

    I had loved it on Naomi then and love it even more on this gorgeous beauty. Just googled her and Priyanka Chopra is just as high profile as Naomi. Between the two, I prefer the fit on Priyanka a little more. Her body is enviable in this gown and fell a little flat on Naomi.

  9. Pam

    I read a lot of gossip and fashion blogs and I almost never remember who wore what before. I think it’s the hard core fashionistas who care about that. The average mom reading People Magazine probably could care less. If you like it and it looks good, wear it.

    1. Badaboum

      “I think it’s the hard core fashionistas who care about that.”
      +1. It’s really not that important.

  10. Lee

    This dress was not made solely for Naomie so I don’t see why anyone else can’t wear it, especially someone who lives miles away in a different country. Both Naomie and Priyanka looked equally gorgeous in this dress.

  11. brat

    Nope, I’m giving it to Priyanka and Naomie is my girl. Priyanka is more exotic and does something extra for the dress..

  12. Nina Jensen

    Priyanka carries the dress well. I don’t understand the emphasis on wearing something unique for every occassion. So what if comparisons will be made. I am disappointed by people who believe celebs should wow us with something unique whenever they step outside their homes. No wonder celebs suffer from all kinds of psychological issues because people expect them to dress or behave a certain way.

  13. Samaher

    Fabulousness from head to toe <3 Priyanka looks uber Gorgeous and the gown fits her Perfectly.. the hairdo adds chicness and class. Love!

  14. Caro Chanel

    Priyanka looks stunning here. The dress is beautiful for her body. I love it that she picked it no matter who wore it first. If you really love a dress and want to wear it, why let the dream get crushed by someone else just because she was a bit faster than you? And hey, fashion critics just looove making comparisons! So what?

  15. Tamara

    So glad to see a lot of people defending PC. I also think she looks as amazing, if not better, than Naomi Harris, because she has a sexier figure and look, while Naomi is all model skinny and classic chic (equally stunning, don’t get me wrong!). Gorgeous look!

  16. Ami Patel

    Dear FC,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I just read your comments on Priyanka’s look at the Filmfare awards. Just wanted to give you an India perspective on this. I know that Priyanka is a personality who is recognised the world over. However neither the fashion blogs or any of the stylists here have pointed this out. I am certain that most/all of them are not even aware of this. Not only is India a completely different market but it’s a different universe altogether. I discussed this with the PR team at McQueen and we decided that this would not be a conflict at all as this was categorically an Indian event for the Indian market.
    I thought it was important to point this out, as Priyanka has received an overwhelming response here in India.

    I have been following and enjoy reading this blog for a few years now and thought it important to point this out.

    Best wishes
    Ami Patel
    Celebrity stylist

    1. sara

      Thanks for this insight! I do agree that the Indian market seems like a whole other universe and those who follow Priyanka’s style moves in the Indian market have little concern with what Naomi has worn before. That being said, I think both women look gorgeous and both woman do this beautiful gown justice.

  17. LinaBina

    I remember her last year in another stunning black gown at some awards function on this blog. Winner then and winner now! Love the dress on her!

  18. Pri khan.

    Truth of the matter india stylist simply love to copy others, nothing ever original unless ou’re Rhea kapoor (Sonam Designers) who tries her best to come up with somethin new.

  19. Heidi

    Beautiful dress on a beautiful woman who carried it so well! BDOTW! Simple yet so striking. Love these Alexander McQueen gowns


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