Ellie Goulding In Rebecca Minkoff – Late Show With David Letterman

Ellie Goulding In Rebecca Minkoff - Late Show With David LettermanEllie Goulding was quite the snow bunny, as she confronted New York City’s wintry mix on her way to an appearance on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman.’

The songstress hardly looked phased at all by the cold, as she skipped a coat in favour of an oversized, sheer Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2014 black mesh top and black leggings.

Her edgy, bra-baring top, which was arguably far more flattering via the runway’s styling, may have been rather reminiscent of a baggy, sports jersey here. She styled the look with black patent holographic boots and a black handbag, topping it all off with a fun black hat.

Hopefully, she didn’t have too far to walk, as I’m shivering just looking at this see-through shirt.

Credit: Style.com & Wenn

10 thoughts on “Ellie Goulding In Rebecca Minkoff – Late Show With David Letterman

  1. Christine

    Is she crazy or just insane? A see through top with her bra showing in the snowy cold.

    Wtf!!!! This is terrible

    1. Anj

      I completely agree! I can tell you first hand it’s been freezing the past 2 days. I wore 4 layers just to walk a few blocks!

    2. Noemi

      I saw photos of New Yorkers completely covered with layers of clothes (winter clothes) so I find this outfit ridiculous and unhealthy! I don’t understand why women do this.

  2. Nicky

    If celebrities begin to use weather-inappropriate clothing to “shock” us, joke’s on them.

    Besides, this is boring

  3. Carla G.

    hahahah This is just ridiculous!! Is that real??? hahah her stylist must really hate her!! it’s completely out of place and season inappropriate. I’m sure there were pieces in that collection much more appropriate for this occasion.

  4. Anne Gallagher

    I hope the limo just dropped her off and she just reached the stage door. Brrrrrr! I don’t care for the messy styling, so this is a no for me. It looks much more chic on the runway.


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