108 thoughts on “Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture Red Carpet Wish List

      1. michboa

        Dear heavenly Father and fashion Gods. Please let Lupita and her stylist have the foresight to wear this incredible gown.


            1. Christine

              Amen!!!! Love this collection and yes I can see them wearing the dresses! I am getting goosebumps from the first pic!!!!!

              What a great collection.

        1. julyol1972

          And can we add an amendment that you not let Fan Bing Bing and her stylist not get at that gown before Lupita does?


              1. jessicamarantelli

                I just LOVE Elie Saab and watch every show but this was by far the best collection I’ve seen. I would wear every single dress (I dream) but I love your choices for the red carpet FC.

  1. Rashmi

    Oh FC , love all the pics ! the one for Lupita is my favvvbbv .. i am hoping she reads this posts and get hold of the dress asap !! :))

  2. from-chitown

    I will be in fashion heaven if Lupita wore that to the Oscars. Spot on wishlist – love all your picks!!

  3. Alina

    Can we see all these picks at the Oscars? I wouldn’t mind seeing only Elie Saab dresses on the red carpet.

    1. Alina

      Let me share with you my wish list (which I add to your amaaaazing picks, FC).

      Paz Vega at Cannes -www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2014CTR-ESAAB/#9

      Emmy Rossum with that perfect skin of hers, a red lippie and an elegant updo -www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2014CTR-ESAAB/#17

      Zoe Saldana -www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2014CTR-ESAAB/#38

      Jessica Chastain -www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2014CTR-ESAAB/#24

      I just can’t stop going back on style.com. I could stare at this collection for hours!

  4. Debbi

    Why couldn’t J.Law be a brand ambassador for Elie Saab???? She would LOOK AMAZING in so many of these couture dresses, especially with her new hair.

    1. Susanna

      I totally agree with you!!!It is what i thought when i watched the show! I think the stunning J. Law could wear most of these dresses perfectly! (Sorry for my English i’m an italian girl fashion lover!)

    2. Susanna

      I totally agree with you! I think the wonderful J. Law could wear most of these clothes perfectly! (Sorry for my english I’m an Italian girl fashion lover!)

  5. Yeliz

    Oh my God, I’m in Elie Saab heaven. I agree with all of these picks. My fingers are crossed for Lupita wearing that divine gown at the Oscars, it would be a look that we’d remember even 10 years later. Also the stunning red gown would look amazing on Amy.

  6. Debbi

    Great choices. Would love to see Cate Blanchett in an ethereal Elie Saab creation as well… maybe Look 38, 14, 8, or 6 (too many beautiful choices.

    FC… you should do an Oscar wishlist. Love seeing what you have in mind for everyone!

    1. MC

      Yes! An Oscar wishlist sound lovely.

      I picked the dress that follows the one you choose for Lupita for Anna Paquin. Lately I’ve grown a bit tired of her McQueen obssesion, it has lost its wow factor. I totally see her wearing that Elie Saab dress at the Oscar’s parties, the colors, the siluete… it’s just perfect for her.

    1. towanda

      sorry but i can’t see JLaw’s wearing an ellie saab dress. She acts like 3 yearls old jumping joking etc etcon the red carpet. Yes i agree dior and Jlaw is a bad idea but elliesaab and Jlaw is also not a good idea. her Prabal Gurung dress was best

  7. mm

    Love these pics, i would like to see dita in the gown but a red color.

    Lupita has already shut down the awards season, i am not sure we could handle anymore. That gown is so her

  8. kane

    The Lupita dress is divine! Also really love the Mila dress (I’d actually love to see what Natalie Portman made out of it on an adventurous night). The Rooney pick is really interesting! Her usual stand-offish white, but far more feminine and ladylike. Hope she reads this. As for the Cate dress, however, I was immediately thinking “Meryl.” Not sure that’s a good thing.

    Great post, FC!

  9. Rahul

    Elie Saab has outdone himself this time! This is his best collection over the years!!! Jaw-dropping!!!!

    May Aishwarya Rai wears a confection out of this heavenly collection!

  10. lea

    I don’t want Lupita in that mess; It’s ugly and will overwhelm her small frame.

    And this collection is boring. Just like the 20 last one we have with Elie Saab.

      1. Tina

        Lol, you’re absolutely right though. That gown is magnificent. It’s actually a relatively significant departure from Elie Saab’s usual style but still keeping the wow factor that we all love.

          1. chicshrieks

            Totally agree with lea. Whilst Elie Saab’s gowns are lovely, they are predictable (embellished, feminine, chiffon etc). The gowns are nice mouth but the difference between his couture collections is very little. Well, I guess I’m in the minority as well :)

  11. Kate

    I really don’t see Lupita in that huge dress. Her style seems to be more simple, minimalist, with colorful dresses that accentuate her awesome skin and figure. Plus, as someone else mentioned in the comments, it will overwhelm her.

    The rest of the wish list is great, though.

    1. Nadiyah

      I totally agree. While the gown is beautiful, Lupita seems to gravitate toward more architectural structure and less volume and I think it works for her frame (remember, she’s only 5’5″). And so far, its working for her.

      Lovely gown but here’s to praying Lupita sticks to what works for her.

      And as always, beautiful collection…

    2. lea

      Thank you for this. It wouldn’t work on her. Plus it’s kind ugly it reminds me that horror Diane Krueger wore at Cannes a couple years ago.

    3. Jane

      I agree, I think that gown would swamp Lupita. Would love to see it on Naomie Harris, Zoe Saldana,Fan Bing Bing, or Diane Kruger. Agree with the rest though! Amazing collection

  12. Larissa

    As much as I would LOVE to see Lupita in this amazing gown, I noticed that she usually wears more minimalistic outfits so I don’t know if this is a dress she would ever consider wearing…Fingers crossed for her to pick this one,at the Oscars go big or go home right?

  13. Elise

    The first gown is breathtaking but I don’t see it for Lupita, it’s not the usual style she wears. But not only that, that gown can easy overwhelm a non-tall woman.

    Lovely collection, one of the yellow gowns has been my favorite

  14. Anj

    I think Lupita, Kiera, and Rooney’s dresses are dead on. Lupita tends toward the form-fitting though so maybe she’ll change it up.
    I disagree completely with the Cate Blanchett choice. No way would she wear something so safe. or super girly. That dress is better fitting for Diane Kruger.

  15. Lusanda Nkosi

    Definitely not the first dress for Lupita, it will drown her petite and slender frame, yes to the rest! Stunning collection!

  16. dan oliver

    Just after looking at the collection some beautiful dresses I was floored by your choice for lupito its a stunning gown. Amy Adams pick is spot on also love the mila kun is dress.

  17. Dhppy

    FC, I love the fact that you picked the most complicated dress for Blanchett. If she can’t carry it off, who can?

    If Heidi Klum had more taste, she’d chose the dress you set aside for Nieves Álvarez.

  18. Kathy

    As others before me have already said, I just can’t picture Lupita in a voluminous, frou-frou gown. She doesn’t seem to be the Cinderella-going-to-the-ball type, since she usually wears more minimalist, formfitting dresses. I would maybe flip Cate and Keira, just taking their ages into consideration. Amy, Mila, and Rooney are spot-on. I don’t know about Nieves because her style seems to quite unpredictable (in a good way, of course) but it’d be nice to see her in Elie Saab.

  19. Joy

    Lupita does seem to favor minimalist gowns, but that’s what would be so genius if she wore this heavenly creation. Wow!! She would be so beautiful in that gown. Love all the choices, you are spot on!

  20. Ana

    This collection is pure PERFECTION! Fashion Heaven! No one can look bad in every single look of this collection… I’m really hoping to see this looks at the Oscars, doesn’t matter who wears it!

  21. Ysatis

    I’d love Lupita to wear the dress you’ve chosen for her and end the award season with a BANG. Lupita has lovely proportions but I am not sure that she is tall enough to wear such a dress.

    The only choice I don’t agree with is Angelina Jolie. I really can’t see her go for sheer + lace + embroidery. Nope, that’s not Angelina. Her red carpet style is usually monochromatic dress, fabric without ornaments and a slit on the side. She is more likely to wear the dress you’ve chosen for Nieves Alvarez but not in that colour.

      1. Rouel

        Yes but since she’s going to the Oscars she could change her style game a bit. I think with the right make-up and styling she would look great in it.

  22. CreoleLady

    Saab, refreshed. Totally enjoying these picks and the discussion.

    Mixed feelings about the choice for Lupita. The biggest skirt she has worn is the cream Prada, which was less structured and more flowy. Cate Blanchett at 5’9″ has 4 inches on her, just as a point of comparison. I think Lupita could pull it off even though it is a bit princess-y for my taste. Still, it would be cool if she wore something that references her Mexican and Kenyan roots (bold color/bold graphics). Less Disney princess and more African queen.

  23. cherrysoftness

    I understand that Angelina likes to stick to black but maybe she could budge a little for the Mila Kunis dress? She’ll be promoting Maleficent soon and it would be perfect.

  24. Prudence

    the only thing I would like to see happen from this list is the dress for Jolie. I pray she makes a stellar comeback at the Oscars. Now lupita, I want her in something way more interesting than that tent of a gown. I like when she goes sleek with a major detail. I would even prefer her in Nieves choice, that color would be magnificent.

    1. Nat39

      I was thinking the same thing – I’d rather see the gown chosen for Nieves on Lupita. I’m not that crazy about that big gown.
      The choice for Angelina would be amazing (I’m just not sure if I want to see yet another black gown on her though).

  25. Leo

    His latest couture collection is just beyond beautiful. I also saw it and picked many gowns for many people for the Oscars, some not the same as yours, but almost every piece could feature there, or at the MET, at Cannes.

  26. Jess2

    Your picks are amazing Catherine, and so perfect.
    My jaw dropped when I saw your pick for Lupita on the runway. If she wears this to the Oscar’s I think someone will have to pick me up off of the floor. No words!

    I loved this collection so much. I actually watched the live stream you posted with my Mum to show her why I love fashion so much. She gets it now :D

  27. anagha

    Gowns picked for Lupita and Mila are so stunning..Hope we see them on red carpet soon…Also the gown picked for Amy would go well on Elizabeth Banks too..

  28. Flavia G.

    It’s amazing of how ALL of his dresses are Red Carpet material, I don’t understand why we don’t see more of his gowns in the award season.

  29. Paige Nicola

    Absolutely love this collection! I’m split with your wish list though…

    I totally agree with your picks for:
    -Rooney Mara (I would DIE)
    -Mila Kunis
    -Dita Von Tess
    -Nieves Alvarez (this could also be great for Sophia Vargara or Julianne Moore)

    But disagree with your picks for the rest:
    -Cate Blancett > Diane Kruger
    -Angelina Jolie > Zoe Saldana
    -Lupita Nyong’o > Fan Bing Bing
    -Amy Adams > Elizabeth Banks
    -Kiera Knighly > Sarah Jessica Parker

      1. victor blanco

        will keep that in mind, but i prefer the Mila Kunis one, so cool!!! i was with Elie’s team in Paris, and hopefully we can do some Saab’s moments during 2014 ;) greats looks and choices BTW!

  30. Sa'a

    First things first,FC thank you once again for bringing this exquisiteness to us,you’re the best!
    My best had to be your pick for Lupita,I know the general consensus is she prefers minimalist styles.But please you don’t get nominated for an Oscar everyday,I hope she wears this!

  31. Maria

    I would have the best heart attack possible if Lupita wore that to the Oscars! It would be the look of the decade!

  32. Nadia

    Lupita wouldn’t only be a red carpet winner in that Elie Saab gown but that could be an early best dressed of the year kinda look!! <3 Lupita give us all a fashion moment to die for!


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