Lena Dunham In Zac Posen – 2014 Golden Globe Awards


All-around it-girl Lena Dunham attended Sunday’s 2014 Golden Globe Awards (January 12) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

The ‘Girls’ star and nominee graced the red carpet in a canary yellow frock by Zac Posen.

Lena has already donned the sunny hue on the red carpet before, but this design, complete with a bustier sweetheart neckline and mermaid silhouette was both bold and curve-enhancing on the starlette.

To complement the beautiful shade of the dress, the nominee opted for classic red nails, side-swept waves and a coral lip. To top it all off, a single strand of diamonds from Harry Winston draped around Lena’s neck was a much-loved added dose of glamour.

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36 thoughts on “Lena Dunham In Zac Posen – 2014 Golden Globe Awards

  1. AW

    I feel like Zac Posen makes the same dress over and over again.

    I like Lena’s smile and yellow makes me happy.

  2. Ari

    Love the dress, love the colour, love the lipstick and the overall styling. This suits Lena perfectly and it’s fresh and vitaminic.

  3. Mandy

    I think this is a pretty fantastic attempt, there is still somethings that are off but i think she is slowly learning how to flatter her body type. Absolutely adore the colour.

  4. Nat39

    It’s nice she opted for some colour but she doesn’t really know how to work a gown. It’s always the same complaint with her – she needs to work on her posture and posing skills.

  5. DivaDebbi (Beauty and Fashion Blog)

    We have seen this Zac Posen dress 100x before…Glenn Close usually pairs it with a matching shrug. Im bored. I think bright yellow is very tough to pull off, sometimes a soft buttery yellow, but I just find it a bit jarring and not the most flattering with Lena’s skin tone.

  6. CTgirl

    The girl is always a sartorial disaster. This is terrible from the teeth matching the gown, to the fit that shows her topography in a horrible way, to the tacky tats. Just. A. No.

    1. sara

      Right???? Why wouldn’t a friend say something to her?? Its disgusting and I cant even get past that to see the rest of the mess. I get she doesn’t want to “conform” and whatnot and that’s all great- but basic hygiene upkeep doesn’t make you a sell-out, Lena!

  7. Malinda Jane

    I’m relieved it photographed better than it looked on tv. I was horrified when I saw her red carpet interviews! The bust on her dress was SO ill-fitting, she was just shoved in there and spilling out and it looked so constricting. I wanted to like it, but it was a mess.

    1. Fiona - Perth

      I agree – this photo is flattering. It did not translate so well on tv, not sure that shade of yellow was the right choice.

  8. Caitlin

    I don’t appreciate people commenting on Lena’s tattoos and calling them “tacky”. Try to see this for the fashion, please.

    I think she looks incredible, she is obviously loving wearing this gown (which is stunning, despite being a common Posen silhouette).

    Not everyone can be Blake Lively. I think she deserves applause for bravely showing off her skin and choosing stand-out looks. She’s having fun, and in the end what else matters?

    1. CTgirl

      Leaving off the tats, the dress didn’t fit, the hair was horrible, for some reason her teeth and the dress matched . . .

      So, purely from a fashion standpoint this was not a win.

  9. Noemi

    With all the assistants and people around there nobody told her that she had lipstick on her teeth? Beautiful dress, but I don’t like the hairstyle.

  10. Jess2

    Not too bad at all. The colour is nice, as is the styling but oh my gosh I just want her to stand up straight.

  11. Serenity

    Much improved. That alone deserves a standing O! She looks happy and self-assured. Her smiles sells it. I’m won over!

  12. Anne Gallagher

    On anyone else I would suggest that this dress is a miss. On Lena, this sunny gown is a great improvement over some of her unfortunate past choices. It actually flatters her figure.

    In my opinion, her arm tattoos always get in the way when she dresses for the red carpet.


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