Heidi Klum In Giorgio Armani – 2014 People’s Choice Awards

Heidi Klum In Giorgio Armani - 2014 People's Choice Awards

Heidi Klum made quite an entrance as she walked the red carpet of the 40th annual People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles tonight.

The supermodel and ‘Project Runway’ host stuck with her red carpet M.O. and chose a gown from the¬†Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 collection with a plunging neckline to show off her renowned assets.

The crystal accents and shoulder detailing add visual appeal to the gown while her bejeweled¬†Lorraine Schwartz earrings and Christian Louboutin ‘Artifice’ pumps add even more ‘wow’ factor.

Heidi’s hair is sleeked back into a hybrid braid/twist, and she kept her lipstick simple, but went for the drama with her eyes.

Dare I say it, but there is just a little bit too much going on here. Yet while my eye scarcely knows where to look, Heidi is always stunning, even with some questionable fashion choices.

What do you think? Can Heidi do no wrong, or would you like to see her simplify on the red carpet?

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23 thoughts on “Heidi Klum In Giorgio Armani – 2014 People’s Choice Awards

  1. Christine

    I like the earrings but this dress looks so tacky and off. I feel that thing on her shoulder is a last minute unfinished garment.

  2. Chloe

    Such a desperate dress. Her breast do not look as great as she thinks. It’s time to start dressing classier

  3. Kelly

    Hideous! I hate it. She and this whole look are trying way too hard. SHe’s so beautiful, why does she always go for these over the top looks? Just because it’s Armani doesn’t mean its good…*gag*


  4. Kathy

    In classic Heidi fashion, this is very OTT and attention-seeking, which can pay off in some cases but not in this one. With such a busy dress and shoes, it just doesn’t make sense to show that much cleavage. Besides, the plunging V-neck looks awkward with the shoulder detailing, like it was relegated to the side to make room for her ta-tas.

  5. Alex

    This make Heidi look desperate for attention. She doesn’t need to dress like this. She is beautiful but cheapens herself with poor red carpet choices.

  6. Valissa

    I actually think that Heidi can do no right and hasn’t been able to in a very long time. She always looks like she’s trying too hard. No exception her

  7. gabis

    Dressing better was clearly not one of Heidi’s new year’s resolution. There’s nothing to like about this look. The dress is so unflattering it hurts. The matching shoes are awful and the earrings are both exaggerated and unnecessary. Her hair looks weird and her makeup although nicely done it’s nothing special.


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