Nieves Alvarez In Zuhair Murad Couture, Andrew Gn & Pinko – Solo Moda

Nieves Alvarez In Zuhair Murad Couture, Andrew Gn & Pinko - Solo Moda

Nieves Alvarez ushered in the New Year during her ‘Solo Moda’ show over the weekend with the same lofty level of style that won her the Best Dressed International Star of 2013.

On Saturday (January 4), the model host exclusively strutted out a trio of tantalizing Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture designs, each one taking the notion of lace to a new level.

First, she was the epitome of full-on glamour in a snow-queen-worthy, icy-blue gown, embellished with a sea of sparkling, crystallized branches and finished with an illusion neckline and a sheer lacy sleeve.

Following this floor-scraping confection, Nieves debuted a knee-length nude design, emblazoned with black flowery embroidery. The nude effect and the plunge detail oozed sultriness, while the peplum waist and classic silhouette was sophistication personified.

The calling card for her final look of the day was its dreamy colour of deep lilac. Of course, despite the refined sweetheart neckline and cocktail length, the sheer nature of the embroidered purple filigree had sexiness written all over it.

Nieves Alvarez In Zuhair Murad Couture, Andrew Gn & Pinko - Solo Moda2

On Sunday (January 5), the Spanish beauty mostly kept the lace theme alive and well, as she started the day in a deep fuchsia Andrew Gn Fall 2013 strapless, mermaid gown. The stand-out feature here was not only the geometric black piping that defined her curves, but also the black lace overlay that added a sort of dark magic to the design.

Taking a break from her more striking fashion showpieces, Nieves dialed back the drama in exchange for a cool-girl custom Pinko tux. Still, despite the mannish overtones, the suit was plenty provocative with its skin-baring, plunge front. It was playful, too, when styled with those hot-pink, polka-dot Hogan pumps.

Returning to Andrew Gn’s Fall 2013 collection, the haute host showed us a strapless, burgundy dress with a similar mermaid, fit-and-flare silhouette to her earlier gown. This one was emblazoned with a flutter of black butterflies and a wide swath of black lace at the bottom.

Glittering Yanes statement jewels complemented each of her dramatic entrances. Which was your favourite?

Credit: Victor Blanco

20 thoughts on “Nieves Alvarez In Zuhair Murad Couture, Andrew Gn & Pinko – Solo Moda

  1. Anne

    The first ZM look (so perfectly described as “snow queen-worthy,” FC!) was one of my favorite looks from his couture collection, so that’s my favorite. It really does look like ice on a window. I can’t help but also adore the styling of the white tux. Great weekend for Ms. Alvarez even if the mermaid gowns aren’t really a favorite of mine here.

  2. DM

    Look 1 is exquisite. Looks 4 and 6 are too similar and I’m confused why they were chosen when they are so similar..
    I like the other looks fine, but the Look 1 icy gown is simply WOW.

  3. bijuk

    1,2,5 are my faves.

    4 and 6 are just too similar. the mermaid tail is so far from my liking either on both

  4. Larissa

    I am speechless-this woman can do no wrong!Maybe #1 is the best one, she truly looks like a goddess.

  5. zzaraxxxx

    My favourite is the last dress. I love the butterfly pattern and the contrast of the black lace on the dark red.

  6. Valissa

    Wow! This woman is the epitome of glamorous!! I don’t even like Zuhair Murad but those first 2 looks are heavenly on her!! So stunning!!

  7. Serenity

    Wow!! It’s hard to choose a favorite. I like them ALL!!! My favorites though, have to be the two gorgeous ZMs in different lilac shades, which remember, is the color of the year! But that first one-WOW-this is my first BDOTY candidate!!!?

  8. Serenity

    FC, thank yo so much for covering her. I never knew who she was before reading your blog, and I adore her and her style. Feel so lucky to have found RCFA!

  9. Jess2

    Oh my gosh, so hard to decide as they are all fantastic but I think 3 and 4 are my favourites.
    I for one am ecstatic about the return of Solo Moda, so many fashion treats.


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