Shu Qi In Valentino Couture – 50th Golden Horse Awards

Shu Qi In Valentino Couture - 50th Golden Horse Awards

Shu Qi was one of the many Asian A-list stars to take to the red carpet for the 50th Golden Horse Awards held at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan yesterday evening.

The actress wore a Valentino Fall 2013 Couture gown featuring a velvet v-neck bodice with a gold print brocade full skirt.

This gown was on my wish list for Keira Knightley, however, I’m grateful to see this gown on the red carpet sooner rather than later.

While I would lose chunky bracelet, I have to say she carries this look with both the charm and grace I expected from Keira; with a deep berry lip colour and braided updo rounding out her look.

Credit: & Sina

20 thoughts on “Shu Qi In Valentino Couture – 50th Golden Horse Awards

  1. the ogre

    Oh, this is a gorgeous dress! I am delighted to see it worn so elegantly. I would lose the bracelet but otherwise it’s perfect.

  2. amy

    Shu can sell me anything. I usually dislike those Valentino dresses (they remind me of old curtains) but on her it’s just lovely. the accessories are unnecessary but they don’t ruin the look.

  3. Jess

    This is one of my favourite dresses ever, I fell in love with it the second it hit the runway. I’m glad to see it on the RC, but wish the cuff would go and the shoulder bows were visible.

  4. charlotte

    LOVE this dress. so beautiful and graceful.
    FC,I wish u could see more details of her hair,the headband she wore was made by bare hands just the night before the event.
    this dress looks ethereal from the back

  5. Yeliz

    She carries this gown so very well, I love it on her. I agree about the bracelet, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

  6. Dhppy

    I think the dress looks better on her skin tone than the model’s. I also love the styling, bracelet included. It’s a “go big or go home” look.


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