Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham – Quincy Accessories Collection Launch

Victoria Beckham Launches Her Exclusive Quincy Accessories Collection At Selfridges

Victoria Beckham launched her exclusive Quincy accessories collection at Selfridges in London yesterday evening.

Models wearing VB’s threads towered over the designer, who I’m delighted wasn’t wearing head-to-toe black for a change.

I was starting to mentally check out until she wore this tri-colour Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 black crepe dress with a grey wool-tweed skirt and a striking bright-yellow-panelled body which sits just at the knee, which she styled with leg-lengthening Casadei nude ‘Blade’ pumps.

Side-swept sleek straight locks and smoky eyes completed her look.

Are you glad she’s given us a break from her succession of all-black looks, or are you still wanting more from VB?


You can buy Victoria’s Victoria Beckham Crepe and Wool-Tweed Dress from

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16 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham – Quincy Accessories Collection Launch

  1. nokia

    Im glad that you posted this FC, thank you

    I loveee this for a change! i would die and gone to heaven tho if she wears the pink dress or the blue gown.

    Btw, is this the same dress that olga kurylenko wore ?

  2. Charlotte

    I like it. The dress is beautiful and perfect on her.
    The shoes, though, are not working here, even black pumps would have been better !

    1. kane

      I’m undecided on that one. Whenever I look at the picture they baffle me for a second, unti I just give them a pass. There must be a better fit, but I don’t mind them.

  3. H

    First thing you notice in this picture are all the models in those awesome dresses, so Victoria is just boring for me in here.

  4. Maria

    When VB first started designing I think it was necessary for her to wear her own stuff to give it some credibility, but don’t you think she should be moving past that? She’s obviously incredibly successful so her acting as her number one brand ambassador isn’t needed anymore. I want to see her in different looks. We know she has an amazing closet!

  5. Rebecca Z

    This is such a relief! Only a third black. Actually I really like this dress and it looks great on her. I am suffering from black fatigue all the way around–that bold yellow is just great.

  6. Sharon

    Four gorgeous 6′ models, and I find myself staring at Victoria. Still no one wears VB clothing like VB. I love the colors on her and hope this is the beginning of a trend.


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