Fendi ‘Buggies’ Bag Collection


Spotted on Fendi’s Fall 2013 runway, the playful new monsters-inspired Fendi ‘Buggies’ bag collection was launched with a party in New York last week, and now they are available on Net-A-Porter.com.

Fendi icons such as the Peekaboo and the Baguette bags are updated with abstract yellow eyes and colourful faces, and the collection highlights the brand’s key values: savoir faire, femininity and creativity.

Net-A-Porter.com exclusively stocks Fendi’s latest bag style, the Bag Bug petit 2Jour in yellow.

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Fendi Buggies

Credit: Courtesy of Fendi

12 thoughts on “Fendi ‘Buggies’ Bag Collection

    1. Noemi

      I think that these bags are really ugly. I’m totally against furs, and I find them nonsense on the bags. I’m one of those who never understood the fuss about the famous Baguette, they all look so cheap.

  1. Sharon

    I think I would’ve loved the style when I was 13, but there weren’t enough babies in the universe for me to sit with to earn the money.

  2. KatieKate

    I, for one, have a very whimsical, albeit maybe, sometimes one could even say ‘too young’ sense of fashion. I love colors, textures, sparkle, etc., etc., etc. Soooooooo, I kinda’ LOVE these, and would just about die to own one. But I can understand peoples’ hesitation–I mean it’s definitelt ‘out there’. Kinda’ like me. :-)

    Oh, and I adore that gif!!!


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