Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham – Bambi Awards 2013

Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham - Bambi Awards 2013

Following her ‘Special Contribution to British Fashion’ honour at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards last week, Victoria Beckham attended the Bambi Awards 2013 held at the Stage Theater in Berlin, Germany, where the 39-year-old designer was honoured once again with a Bambi Award in the fashion category.

As you know, I love Victoria Beckham, but I feel slightly disappointed by the déjà vu between this and the last event.

For both events she wore black floor-length gowns, with the same hair and makeup.

The only difference is the breathtaking emerald-stone Chopard jewels on this occasion.

Having seen her commercial gowns, there is a variety of colours I wish she had considered.

Black is very much her staple, but I hope to see some colour next time out.

18 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham – Bambi Awards 2013

  1. m

    i actually prefer her in this gown instead of the previous one… the neckline the slightly wavy hair the makeup.. the accessories.. i love this look more den the previous..

    1. kane


      The straps and the keyhole of the other dress in a way hailed back to Posh Spice and were, frankly, almost too young for her. This look is far more elegant, grown up and female. The dress is simple but effective, her hair flows so nicely and I will never say “ah, I’d wish for some more colour” to emeralds.

  2. Valissa

    Her hair and makeup is gorgeous! She looks really good in general…just boring! I guess she’s older now and is happy to play it safe. But I still miss the more fashion forward Victoria…

  3. Leo

    I feel asleep looking at her. This is Aniston-boring. Where’s her sense of fun? When she was in her Cavalli era, she made some terrible mistakes, but at least there was drama and it was interesting to watch, this days she’s too caught up in this chic fashionista uptight persona she created and has become so boring with her repetitive designs.

  4. dee

    This was a great dress to add some interesing accessories to but she kinda failed. The earrings are pretty but she could have styled this dress better.

  5. Alina

    She was a big star at an international event – it was her night to shine and she wore this BORING dress… It’s a shame!

  6. nokia

    FC, you should have said that to her when u met her in paris you know, that we all love to see her wearing more colors! :D maybe next time when you see her ;)

  7. Jess2

    Much like her previous look the dress is nice but basic. It really is the earrings that stand out here. I look forward to when she returns to her colourful pieces.


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