Miley Cyrus In The Blonds – Bambi Awards 2013

Miley Cyrus In The Blonds – Bambi Awards 2013

Following her rather demure and well-covered red carpet look, Miley Cyrus was glowing on stage for her performance at the Bambi Awards 2013 held in Germany yesterday evening.

The singer wore a neon-yellow The Blonds crop top and high-waisted shorts from the Spring 2014 collection, which she accented with green Perspex scale-like accents and a metallic trim.

As far as stage outfits go, this is her best one in recent times.

It’s sexy without being too revealing and edgy, which is perfectly in tune with her current persona.

Her hair was pretty much the same from the red carpet, but she swapped out the dark gothic lip for a neutral shade.

Green creepers and a selection of gold jewels completed her look.

Miley also received the Bambi Award for International Pop.

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13 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus In The Blonds – Bambi Awards 2013

  1. Agi

    Did she fire her stylist and got a new one, or did she just have an enlightening conversation/moment? For stage I feel this is a really good outfit for her and fingers crossed she wont spiral downward again!

  2. Leo

    Great stage look. The Blonds is a great brand for this kind of thing, this is edgy and fun but not “try too hard”, perfect.

  3. justme

    “which is perfectly in tune with her current persona”
    loool is that shade, FC?

    Anyway, I agree. This is a good performance outfit.


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