Kerry Washington for Lucky December 2013


Kerry Washington snags her seventh cover of the year following her Ebony (March 2013), Elle (June 2013), Vanity Fair (August 2013), Glamour (October 2013), Flare (October 2013) and Essence (November 2013) covers, now appearing on the cover of the December/January issue of Lucky magazine.

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, the ‘Scandal’ actress looks radiant and incredibly happy wearing a Christian Dior Resort 2014 frock.

While much ado has been made about the cover and the excessive photoshopping of the beloved star, Kerry herself appears to have no issues with it, proudly making it her avatar for her twitter account.
In the mag she talks about the dangers of the media, living low-key and working in Hollywood.

Here are some extracts from the mag, which hits newsstands November 19.

On the dangers of the media: “Even for me, I think it’s a real danger to compare yourself to someone on a television show. I know that I am not going to look like [‘Scandal’ character] Olivia when I wake up and go to the bathroom at 4 o’clock in the morning. On the set, it’s somebody’s job to follow me around all day with spackle.”

On living low-key: “I can run into Madewell and J.Crew and be good for a few months. I’m not a formal person. I have a lot of jeans. And I have tons of sneakers, whether they’re the custom Nikes that you can make online or the Isabel Marant wedges. That’s the Bronx in me, for sure.”

On working in Hollywood: “It’s a miracle to even work in this industry. I didn’t become an actress to be on the cover of magazines. That was always a little scary to me. What I love about acting is the craft of becoming different people and telling a story.”

On keeping it real: “People always come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I want Olivia’s closet,’ and I’m like, ‘Me too!’ Even for me, I think it’s a real danger to compare yourself to someone on a television show.”

Credit: Lucky

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  • One of the ugliest covers ever, that doesn’t even look like Kerry Washington.

  • Jess2

    So bad, they aged her 10 years at least!

  • Shockingly bad.

  • Alina

    I love her, but this cover isn’t great…

  • liz

    She looks like she’s about to lunge at someone’s throat. Scary pic. And someone went nuts with that highlighter. Jeez.

  • Ahot

    Well, what´s a girl to do? Even if she was screaming & let the ghetto in ghetto in her for a hot minute, she still got to keep it classy & professional!
    After all she had to wait nine(!) years to get on the front page, & Lucky Mag just gave her more publicity with this very unfortunate cover. Every self-respecting female is on board with Kerry right now. #Win!

  • Prudence

    ohhh lord the horrors of Photoshop!!! look what they did to kerry!!!

  • kevinappears

    Did they just randomly select a girl to fake her? I can’t stop laughing!

  • Saree


    I wish more celebrities and the like would call out on these magazines that do this sorta garbage. Then again, it’s all self-interest. It’s such a shame they allow them to emit a false representation of beauty to its audience – then again in this case, it’s taken the very beauty of Kerry away from her. Boo!

    • Saree

      Ugh I just read the headlines of the cover too – “Perfect, glowy skin”

      I think any woman of colour would be ashamed of what Lucky have done to Kerry on this cover. They’ve definitely ‘whitened’ her up. That is the danger of the media!

      • Kathy

        I’m not so sure they meant to lighten her skintone. It could just be bad lighting…the light source seems to be coming from below her, which is pretty awkward but just a mistake.

        • Saree

          I’m not having a go at you, but how could they have not ‘meant to lighten her skintone’ when that is not the real colour of her skin? Of course they meant to do it. The debate would be whether there was a racial motive to doing it – but they damn as well knew that they were whitening her face.

          You only need to see the real before/after shots of these magazine shoots to see just how little make-up and lighting actually matters in the final product cause they’re so heavily airbrushed. This difference between this and others, is that for say a white woman they airbrush it to remove pores – which is a dangerous image to display in itself – but here, they’ve given her perfect skin whilst also changing its colour, there is a difference and it’s upsetting.

  • Christine

    Terrible Photoshop on her face. Just terrible!

  • Ash

    I didn’t see the title at first,just saw the pic and I spent a minute try to recognize who she is… this is a horrible cover.

  • dee

    This cover is horrid. Kerry is an attractive woman and that made her look awful.

    • admmgz


  • e

    Way too much photoshop ! I did not recognize her at first, I thought it was Kelly Rowland.

  • Luqe Mann

    The hair looks like it will shatter to million pieces at the slightest touch.

    • Luqe Mann

      Looking again at it,I think “crumble” would be a more suitable word. It looks so… crisp-y.

      • Ahot

        lol lol!

  • the ogre

    Her face looks completely different here. This is devastating. At least in the others it’s her own. The Flare magazine one is my favourite.

  • Mar

    Looks radiant? This is a major photoshop disaster! Poor Kerry. She’s stunning but looks awful on the cover. Eva Chen needs to stop being so cute on Instagram and start getting to work. Ugh.

    • I’m a Gladiator!

      Totally agree! This is terrible, and I LOVE Kerry Washington!

  • Yeliz

    WAY too much photoshop on her face.

  • Charlotte

    It’s one of the worst cover I have ever seen !
    I don’t get what they’re doing this.

  • Juliana

    What have they done with her face?

    • Pam

      It doesn’t even look like her. Lucky magazine usually does horrid covers, but this is just awful. Wonder what the rejected photos looked like?

    • Dani

      I know! I thought it was Naomi Campbell! They’ve aged Kerry Washington so bad.

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