Elizabeth Banks In Elie Saab Couture – ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Berlin Premiere

Elizabeth Banks In Elie Saab Couture - 'The Hunger Games Catching Fire' Berlin Premiere

Elizabeth Banks sent a shiver down my spine while taking to the red carpet this evening for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Berlin premiere in Germany – this is why I love her.

Yes, it’s Elie Saab.

I only had two wishes for Elizabeth during this promo tour: some McQueen and some sparkle which we saw plenty of from the first promo tour, and you don’t get more bedazzlement than from the Bling King.

The Fall 2013 Couture gown was presented as a bridesmaid’s gown, but she was definitely not playing second fiddle to her co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

Her silver metallic fully embellished sweetheart strapless gown with silver ridged belt was styled with metallic Brian Atwood ‘Karin’ open-toe platform sandals, Demarco drop earrings, a Carla Amorim ring and a silver Kara Ross envelope clutch.

Wavy tresses completed her BDOTW-worthy look.

Which of Elizabeth’s looks do you prefer so far? The Jason Wu or this Saab stunner?

I will have to flip a coin at this point. I love that she doesn’t make these decisions easy for us.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

60 thoughts on “Elizabeth Banks In Elie Saab Couture – ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Berlin Premiere

    1. Paulyne

      I just noticed that she wore yellow at the London Premiere and Elie saab at the Berlin Premiere for both HG promo tour… Is that a coincidence ? :) :)
      I love her !

  1. Zerina

    This ia absolutely breathtaking. This gown is made beautifully, overall great run for Elie Saab, first Taylor Swift in that divine red gown, not this one.
    But then, when is it not great run for Elie. My favorite.

  2. Dorothy

    Beautiful, but just like yesterday’s gown a little over the top for the event. Her tour for the previous HG movies managed to be both great and event appropriate, while on this one she is going for a little too much.

    1. Ramsay

      That is exactly my opinion
      She is wearing Oscar dresses to movie premieres
      These dresses are great but widely inappropriate for the events
      I wish more people were raising this point…

      1. Milla B.

        Sorry, but I disagree. This is a premiere of one of the most anticipated movie of the year. They have fans, huge press coverage, huge money involved. We are not talking about a indie movie. It’s is not the L.A premiere, but still big enough. So Elizabeth is not OTT , is Jennifer Lawrence that unfortunately this year, is underdressed for such a big event. I blame Dior and Rachel Zoe.

        1. ramsay

          Even if it’s a huge movie with press coverage and fans why would a cocktail dress be inappropriate? It was always appropriate and enough to wear a cocktail dress or a nice pantsuit or maximum a very simple evening dress to a movie premiere and it was believed to be OTT to wear an embroidered couture dress. It’s only over the last 2/3 years that it has become common to wear ballgowns and evening dresses with intricate embroidery to movie premieres. There is too much sparkle without much distinction to the occasion. And I find that too much. Some actresses still seem to have a sense of occasion look at Julia Roberts at the premiere of August Osage County at TIFF (another huge movie with huge ensemble cast), she was in a simple red Dolce dress, or at Angelina at the premieres of World War Z, she was in cocktail dresses, pantsuits and one very simple black evening dress.
          I mean I don’t see any difference between this dress and an Oscar, Golden Globes or Emmy dress, which seems odd to me – because these events are black tie Awards ceremonies and this is just a movie premiere
          I do understand that people admire this Elie Saab piece (and so do I) but I would’ve preferred if it had been worn on a different occasion.

          1. Lexa

            Sorry, but your examples are a bit off: firstly: Julia Roberts is usually underdressed for most of events she is taking part in and TIFF is a kind of a laid back festival, to which you can wear anything. secondly: Angelina Jolie at “World War Z” was only as a partner to Brad Pitt, who was the star of that movie. In her role of ‘+1′ she was supposed NOT to upstage him, that is why she chose the above mentioned dresses.
            Here we have a premiere of a high budget movie that is widely anticipated and has a huge fan following, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t dress her best. Why should we restrict ourselves to award ceremonies? Last time round she also wore two beautiful embelished dresses: by Bill Blass and by Elie Saab and somehow that didn’t raise objections. I think we should appreciate a great high fashion moment when we get one. Especially such a beautiful one as this one :)

            1. Ramsay

              For the record I had complained (including on this website) about Elizabeth Banks looks for the first Hunger Games instalment – and I had mentioned that both her dresses were nice but OTT – so this complaint is not new
              If the above examples don’t work in your opinion just consider the looks of any major stars for one of their premieres (Angelina, Nicole, Charlize, Julia etc.) – the most they go for is a simple long dress, no embroidery, no glitz – and even when they go for couture (Charlize at the Snow White premiere) it’s a simple dress that cannot be mistaken for a Oscar ensemble
              I think for all these stars you can make a clear distinction between their photo call looks, their premiere looks, their “minor” awards ceremony looks and their “major” awards ceremony looks and in my opinion this is how it should be – there should be a distinction
              I understand the point about appreciating Elizabeth’s lovely Elie Saab but I could’ve appreciated this dress at the Golden Globes for example – and I could’ve instead appreciated a different look (e.g. cocktail dress, a pantsuit, a LBD) for the premiere – so we can see a wider variety of looks on the red carpet and we can appreciate each and every one of those looks – and the red carpet would be less note
              That is my opinion and I understand yours (the need and appreciation of beauty no matter when it comes) but I want the red carpet to offer us more variety

  3. Nat39

    I think my heart just stopped. This is truly breathtaking. Her Jason Wu can’t hold a handle to this look. A Wow BDOTW worthy moment, the one to beat this week.

  4. Rebecca Z

    She does looks spectacular. I also prefer this dress to the yellow one. Definitely the one to beat this week.

  5. dee

    I got my wow moment. There is no contest between this and the yellow gown. This dress is gorgeous and she looks gorgeous in it. BDOTW for sure.

  6. Suz

    Forget BDOTW, this is a BDOTY nominee for sure! It’s already been said here, but I have to say it again. This is just perfection.

  7. Aline

    WOW! WOW! WOW! This is perfection! I’m completely blown away.

    I wasn’t really a fan of the Jason Wu gown, so this one easily wins for me. BDOTW and BDOTY-worthy.

  8. the ogre

    Thank god for her! It’s a good move, coordinating all her looks in some way with last year’s promo tour. Keeps us admirers busy and in the loop. Absolutely breathtaking! Look at the fit of that gown. There is not a single thing I would change here and this one will be hard to beat! BDOTW as long as someone else doesn’t upstage her.

  9. CreoleLady

    I’m starting to wonder who the star of this film is. Banks is certainly wearing the types of looks I wish Lawrence could wear — color, metallics, figure flattering silhouettes. Instead, Lawrence is stuck with Dior and looks older/more conservative that Banks, who is ten years her senior. Anyway, Banks looks great, I prefer this over the yellow.

  10. Derro

    I personally didn’t like the Jason Wu – the shape was gorgeous but the color was AWFUL on her. This, however, is divine.

  11. Hannah

    I adore adore adore this! I loved her Jason Wu moment, but to be honest, I forget about it when I see this.
    As much as I do love an Elie Saab red carpet moment, I always feel that the runway model looks better, but absolutely not in this case, she has made this gown her own and breathed new life into Elie Saab, which can often seem samey. It’s old hollywood glamour but it is also a breath fo fresh air, somehow. She just kicked Naomie Harris and Lupita Nyong’o off my list for best 2013 promo tour. My only tiny complaint is the overdoing fo the bronzer, but it is only a problem in certain lights.

  12. Jess2

    She was outstanding at the last Hunger Games tour and my fingers were crossed that she would wow us again! At the 11th hour she brings us a BDOTY worthy look! Perfection from head to toe, oh how I adore her.

  13. Nishtha

    I liked the Jason Wu look but THIS is in another league altogether. I mean the fit of the gown, man! It looks like it was created on her body and for her body.

  14. Saumya

    So so pretty! I love this year’s Elie Saab fall collection and this dress looks divine on her. I’m hoping for a hat-trick!!!

  15. Fiona

    I much prefer this look on her – the silvery sparkle is so much softer on her colouring and the fit is perfection. I love that she likes colour (as do I) but sometimes the colour is jarring on her and it looks forced. This looks effortless and elegant – BDOTW contender for sure.

  16. Larissa

    Jaw-dropping! She always looks completely comfortable in the most glamorous and sparkling gowns (unlike many other celebrities).Maybe she’s overdressed for a movie premiere but who cares when she looks that perfect!


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