Jared Leto In Saint Laurent – MTV EMAs 2013

Jared Leto In Saint Laurent - MTV EMAs 2013Jared Leto was also at the 2013 MTV EMAs, hosted last night at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The entertainer and his 30 Seconds to Mars band mates accepted the Best Alternative award during the show—and Jared definitely dressed for the occasion.

Donning a Saint Laurent Fall 2013 ensemble, he brought the runway to the Europe Music Awards stage. He was basically a mirror image of the model with his long-haired, bad-boy rocker look.

But he didn’t stop at the red blazer, skinny leather pants and long, leopard burnout scarf. He added his own signature grunge spin by tying a plaid shirt around his waist and tromping out a pair of unzipped combat-style Zadig & Voltaire ‘Joe’ boots.

Style-forward and subversive at the same time; would you agree?

Credit: Style.com & Getty

12 thoughts on “Jared Leto In Saint Laurent – MTV EMAs 2013

  1. LeeAnn

    for those born before 1965, this is about as subversive as a kitten . seen it. done it and dated it but with better boots.

  2. Nat39

    The ott scarf, the plaid shirt hanging there, the sloppy boots – a bit too much, he overwhelmed the look. He took a cool polished runway look and made a silly mess out of it.

  3. dunzoo

    oooh Jared.. he looks gorgeous, as usual. Not subversive at all, more fashionisto trying to look edgy and cool, but he looks good nonetheless. Love him with long ombre hair. Can’t believe he’s in his forties.

  4. pipsqueak

    A little OTT for me – almost try-hard, though he’s definitely the right person – very few perhaps – to pull off the Saint Laurent looks. Let’s not forget – he’s 40! He looks gorgeous. Men deserve kudos for putting in hard work and staying in shape also.


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