Iggy Azalea In Dilek Hanif Couture – 2013 MTV EMAs

Iggy Azalea In Dilek Hanif - 2013 MTV EMAs

Iggy Azalea did “an Angelina” on the red carpet at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam this evening for the MTV EMA’s 2013.

The rapper wore a Dilek Hanif Spring 2011 Couture black sheer one-shoulder gown with cut-outs at the waist and two slits in the skirt.

The surprising thing here is that Iggy opted to do away with the black runway hot pants, for a nude thong to make this smouldering look even more provocative.

Makeup wise she worked an extreme feline cat-eye with nude lips, accessorizing with red open-toe ankle strap sandals and a few bangles.

A wavy ponytail rounded out this sexy look.

TMI or werk, werk, werk..?

Credit: Flip-Zone & Getty

23 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea In Dilek Hanif Couture – 2013 MTV EMAs

  1. Nat39

    This makes me wanna give Ellie Goulding a pass – at least we can clearly see that she is wearing underpants. And with the slit that bold she didn’t need the loud red shoes, this is tacky.

  2. larissa

    On one hand I feel guilty and like a slut shamer, on the other hand i really want to like this look but I feel like she took the slit too far. Then again at least she’s wearing sandals and not pumps, or even, black pumps.

    1. kelly

      i don’t think it’s slut shaming to expect people to wear pants in public places. sex positivity does not have to extend to wanting people to rome nude around awards shows

  3. kane

    I find it fairly hard to resist this on the model, although I’m not sure if this is made for moving. More artsy photo shoot material. On Iggy however… the less said…

  4. Joy

    Seriously? This is disgusting. This dress could have been wonderful if she hadn’t taken an already SUPER sexy look and pushed it WAY over the edge. The dress alone with the black bloomers was pushing the “do we like it or not” envelope. I really would have liked to have seen this on someone who could have carried it properly. Iggy is plain ole Icky.

  5. Angela

    At first glance, I was tempted to say I like this. Then I room a closer look and realized WAY too much leg was showing (the outline of her cooch is very apparent. Not good). It’s a shame because I love her hair, makeup, and shoe choice. I would’ve been blown away if she had chosen to wear hot pants. She seems to never be event-appropriate, sometimes she’s too conservative at a fun event and now she’s too sexy at an event geared towards people of all ages.

    1. Valerie

      +1. Could have worked, except that you can almost see her privates. This is ervan worse than miley for me, cause i find it insulting for the dress and the designer to make it look this cheap.

  6. Malinda Jane

    I think her sex appeal is one of the few reasons she’s relevant so it doesn’t surprise me to see her wearing this. I don’t think it’s terrible, but it’s definitely not great. It’s almost boring in it’s predictability.

  7. Kathy

    Tasteless as heck. She’s even further up than Miley on the tacky meter at this event. The dress is revealing enough with the runway presentation, but she just had to skip the black underwear?

  8. pinksugar

    I feel like once you show your lady bits on the red carpet you pretty much kill your look on the spot. Why do all of these women think being practically naked is so appealing? It’s actually just vulgar and boring.

  9. easyBlake

    This is similar to Ciara’s Alon Livne dress. I have similar regards. Although, I wish I couldn’t see quite so much of Iggy’s mons venus.

  10. Saree

    Reminds me of dress Emma Watson sore to the MET Gala this year – except, even with as many cutouts, she wore it very tastefully.

    I’m just glad we have Cate, Nicole and the likes representing the Aussies, of course you gotta leave it to the LADIES to show em how it’s done.

    It’s sad that pop stars (hip hop especially) have to play into the sexualisation of their bodies (usually in a tacky way) and it’s never for their female fans.

  11. the ogre

    Look at the model and then look at Iggy. It just makes me sad because her hair and make up are fine. This could have been a great look had she worn the hot pants and those lust worthy shoes from the runway. I don’t really like the red shoes that much.


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