Natalie Portman In Christian Dior - Guggenheim International Gala

Joining Jessica Biel for the second evening of the Guggenheim International Gala held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on Thursday, Natalie Portman wore her sixth Dior look within a fortnight.

On this occasion she wore a muted hybrid look featuring a part crepe, part draped double silk duchess satin dress with a sheer hem enriched with blue embellishments.

The embellishments keep the look interesting; however, I would’ve liked this look more had the black part of the dress featured tonal embellishments too, or something defining the waist.

The look just feels like it’s missing something, preventing me from falling in love with it.

Black Dior accessories, a Dior Fine Jewelry ‘Bagatelle’ ring, a wavy ‘do and a pop of pink via her nails provided the finishing touches to her look.

Is something missing for you? Or do you love this look as it is?

Credit: Getty