Vanessa Hudgens In Dolce & Gabbana – YouTube Music Awards 2013

Vanessa Hudgens In Dolce & Gabbana - YouTube Music Awards 2013

Vanessa Hudgens attended the YouTube Music Awards 2013 held in New York City on Sunday evening.

The actress donned a Dolce & Gabbana wool-and-silk-blend dress printed with a mosaic inspired by Sicily’s Cathedral of Monreale.

As Vanessa’s style can often be very hit and miss, I am surprised by how much I actually love this look on her. I expected that this would only work on someone much taller, but she makes it work.

I’m glad her boho styling didn’t come into play here. Gold sparkling pumps, a selection of rings and a dark manicure topped off the look.

Are you as enamoured by this look as I am?


You can buy Vanessa’s Dolce & Gabbana King Mosaic Fitted Dress from

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21 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens In Dolce & Gabbana – YouTube Music Awards 2013

  1. shap_half

    She’s pulling this off really well. She looks great. I wish she done something different with the hair for a sleeker overall look.

    But I think she’s developing her style quite nicely.

  2. Joy

    I guess everyone doesn’t like this collection…I like it a lot. I don’t care for this dress on Vanessa. It’s not really her fault, I just don’t feel she wears this style as great as it could look. I think she’s too young/or her styling is too young for how I see this dress looking unbelievable. Also, I really don’t like the length.

  3. kane

    I’m very conflicted about this collection. I’m intrigued by the mosaic design and would love to see the texture up close and how they transported this into fashion. Also, the colours must be very forgiving/flattering too. Any yet… I just find this so gimmicky, especially if it’s a whole collection. The novelty’s been wearing off for me pretty quickly tbh.

  4. Nat39

    It all works well for her – the golden color, the way the gown elongates her frame, and her lipcolour and dark nail polish work perfectly against it.

  5. Aline

    Yes, I’m very much in love with this look, to the point of putting it on my BDOTY list.

    And this collection is actually one of my absolute favorites from Fall 2013.

  6. Dhppy

    I was not sold on this collection, as I too, saw it as gimmicky. Yet, I think Hudgens looks fantastic in this dress.

  7. KatieKate

    Dolce, as a brand, is in fact gimmicky. They pick a ‘theme’ or ‘gimmick’, if you will, and then they design the collection, accessories included, around it. Ad nauseum, at times. But even so, some really beautiful clothes come out of it. I just try to look past the sometime absurdity and exploitation of said ‘theme’, to appreciate the beauty.


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