Armani men

We’ve seen the girls, so let’s hear it for the boys who attended the Giorgio Armani – One Night Only New York event, held yesterday at SuperPier in New York City.

The top tier, which included British heart-throb Douglas Booth, Ricky Martin and the very handsome Peter Facinelli, all opted for Armani finest hand-made suits in shades of charcoal, black and blue with no ties, for a more laidback after-dinner vibe.

Velvet suits and Fall go hand-in-hand for me, so I can’t help but be captivated by Peter’s look.

Armani men 2

Leonardo DiCaprio, DJ Mark Ronson and Stephen Dorff all went down the more traditional suit-and-tie route.

Leo’s stripy tie and lengthy pants are not working for me, however, Mark’s pinstriped Mafioso suit and Stephen’s dapper charcoal suit fit to perfection.

Credit: Getty