Lena Dunham In Reed Krakoff – Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Event & Dinner

Lena Dunham In Reed Krakoff - Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Dinner

As host of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund event, Lena Dunham turned to her favourite designer Reed Krakoff, who provided both her day and evening looks.

Day look: Her first look was a caramel leather short-sleeved Reed Krakoff Resort 2014 dress with a slit neckline, styled with gold bangles. I wish we could see the full length of this look because this is one of her best looks to date. I love the lacquered hair and makeup, especially the kohl-rimmed eyes and that salmon lip colour.

Evening look: After dark the actress was glowing wearing a neon-lime-green Reed Krakoff Resort 2014 strapless dress which also featured a loose-fitted skirt. I love the metallic accessories including Jimmy Choo ‘Elaine’ sandals, which perfected the look. Keeping the strong eye makeup from the day event, her hair was pulled back on this occasion.

I’m shocked to say it, but I really like both looks, however, she needed to hoick up the second look and spanx would’ve greatly improved the overall effect of both.

Baby steps.

Reed Krakoff

Credit: Style.com, Getty & McMullan/Sipa USA

34 thoughts on “Lena Dunham In Reed Krakoff – Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Event & Dinner

  1. Nat39

    I like both looks too. The problem is the way Lena carries herself. Some improvement in posture/poise/presence department wouldn’t hurt. Otherwise, even a nice look ends up not looking so good.

    1. Saree

      FC doesn’t just post stuff cause it’s a BDOTW-worthy look. This site, to me, is about a range of designers being worn on the red carpet etc. and discussing them. They don’t need to be great, this isn’t terrific, but it’s a win for Lena.

      And it’s a way for people to critique it – not to slander the celebrity – but offer our own suggestions on improving the look, much like FC does in looks that she doesn’t consider perfect.

      Lena has her faults – I think she has improved on most of them here – but agree on comments she could greatly improve her posture cause it does bring down her look a lot in some cases, a lot of celebs do this all too often.

      1. Tori

        I agree. This site’s only bias is a love for fashion! I love FC’s approach, looking at the clothes first, not the bodies that wear them. It’s so refreshing in a media landscape that too often makes body shaming seem like a harmless thing to do.
        Anyway. I love that caramel dress!

  2. Marybeth

    Yes, let’s give credit for baby steps here. These dresses have a very good shape for her figure, so I applaud her choice.
    The leather dress doesn’t fit well, particularly in the bust — I think she might have gone up a size.
    Better foundation garments would help with both looks.
    I like the effort she put into her hair, doing two different styles.

    1. KatieKate

      Totally agree. I still don’t think she looks good ‘per se’, but for her, this is definitely improvement. One small step for Lena, one HUGE step for fashionkind.

  3. Maria

    Her hair and make up in the first look is Margot Tenebaum. It doesn’t look bad though! Some Spanx and a lesson in posture would do great things for her, but I think she looks really great in both dresses.

  4. Lisa

    I see an improvement, so she deserves credit. I do not understand what “she needed to hoicking up the second look” means.

    1. Cole

      Maybe FC thinks the dress is sitting too low and accidentally combined the words “hoist” and “hike” into one word?

      1. KatieKate

        I thought maybe it’s a clever British word. If not, it should be, I like it. ‘Hoick’. Imma start sayin’ it’

        1. Cole

          According to Google…”Hoick” is to lift or pull abruptly or with effort. Thanks FC for teaching me a new word!

  5. gabis

    The overall impression I get from her is that she’s someone who doesn’t care about fashion or playing dress up. I bet she doesn’t even have a stylist. IMO it’s a shame because she’s gorgeous and since she has access to some of the best designers in the industry she could take a real advantage of it.
    As for the looks I like the day one better. The lime-green dress is beautiful. I hope I can see it on someone that actually put a little effort on dressing up.

  6. SilentVisitor

    I think she looks great. She looks so good in the green dress and I like her hairstyle better there too.

    1. june

      well, i have to say i’d disagree with that tip as a girl with chubby arms.

      lena’s issue with dressing isn’t to do with her weight although high end fashion never designs for the average to bigger girl, it’s more that a. she doesn’t seem to care about it and b. her posture is terrible.

  7. Denise

    I like the first look better. I like the colour of the second and the shoes, but unfortunately the fit is not so good. I like that she wears colour. These two looks show some improvement.

  8. Larissa

    I can’t say that I like those looks. Her posture is terrible and I don’t think this kind of shape flatters her figure at all. Of course compared to her previous looks this is kind of an improvement but I think she can do better than this.


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