Rooney Mara In Proenza Schouler – ‘Her’ New York Film Festival Screening

Rooney Mara In Proenza Schouler - 'Her' New York Film Festival Screening

Rooney Mara attended the New York Film Festival closing-night presentation of her latest movie, ‘Her’, on Saturday evening.

Usually opting for black or white, the actress wore a Proenza Schouler Spring 2014 frock which incorporated both colours and a little bit more.

The edgy design with a fitted pleather bodice, keyhole detail, white waistband and cream pleated skirt with black-and-silver foil print was styled with conservative ‘Tribeca’ satin peep-toes courtesy of Brian Atwood.

Jennifer Meyer jewels, a simple bun, intense smoky cat-eye makeup and a soft nude lip colour completed her look.

What are your feelings about Rooney’s side step out of her comfort zone?

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23 thoughts on “Rooney Mara In Proenza Schouler – ‘Her’ New York Film Festival Screening

  1. Charlotte

    I don’t think she’s side step out of her comfort zone at all. Even if I like this look, it’s not really different from what she usually wears.
    I really like the top and the make up. I don’t like the white waistband of the skirt and the shoes could have been better.

  2. Martin

    I want to love this look so much because I adore Rooney and idolise Proenza Schouler, but unfortunately it fails for me largely due to the fact that it is just so unflattering. It makes her look twice as wide as actually is. Even the model looks frumpy in it.

  3. arjun

    seriously i dnt see her out of her confort zone, she’s always in the dark moon, the day i would say that if i saw her wore something like red, bleu, or other color, and we can pray to see her wore a yellow
    i love a make up, and the top but the waistband and the skirt no , i think with a tight skirt it would be better

  4. Tracy

    It’s definitely Rooney’s comfort zone from the waist up. Not loving the skirt, it makes her look wide, and I kind of wish the bodice was a little more fitted to give a sharper silhouette. Still hoping on the day where she blows us all away by wearing bright colours!!!

  5. kane

    I agree with the others, I don’t really see how this is not her comfort zone, but this time I can’t get on board with it. It looks okay on the model, but I don’t like it on her.

  6. Derro

    Definitely would not call it a step outside her comfort zone, this look has Rooney’s name written all over it. I do like the look though.

  7. Valissa

    I agree with everyone else…this isn’t different for her. If she wore some colour and let her hair out, I would say it was out of her comfort zone.
    But anyway, everybody has their own style and just because she attends public events and gets photographed, it doesn’t mean she needs to steer away from what she’s comfortable in.
    And I do really like this look….she looks great!

  8. Fanny

    I think it’s different and that is why I like it. But: I would almost have preferred the runway-shoes to the ones she’s wearing, as I don’t think they go with the dress at all. To me, the dress and the makeup tell me “warrior”, and the shoes say something completely different…

  9. Petra

    This is a gorgeous look for her ! It gives her an amazing silhouette and the dress is a pure piece of art. I love it head to toe.

  10. Denise

    I love this and I think the skirt is much better in motion.
    This a very cool cast, I hope the movie is good.

  11. Nat39

    I like it, interesting, edgy, I like how the flowy pleated skirt softens the tougher top. Not too fond of the shoes but overall I like it quite a bit.

    1. KatieKate

      Agree totally–great description. I don’t think it necessarily flatters her greatly in the hip area, but overall, she looks really good. LOVE the dress, and I think it’s a great choice for her. Also, her smoky eye looks maje!

  12. anonymous as always

    I love Rooney Mara so I love everything she wears but I have to admit I wish to see her with different kind of shoes :(

  13. Ash

    well I think it’s still in her comfort zone. Not a fan of this dress, but I really really like her makeup.

  14. tasha

    not the perfect shoe choice but I love everything else! her makeup is beautiful. it is still her style but there’s more life to it than usual.


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