Who Wore Forever Unique Better…Georgia May Foote or Alexandra Burke?

Who Wore Forever Unique Better Georgia May Foote or Alexandra Burke

The Pride of Britain Awards took place at Grosvenor House in London yesterday evening.

Georgia May Foote of Coronation Street must have been really excited to come to the big smoke and attend a prestigious event in her Forever Unique ‘AKI’ black gown with a sheer panel (which didn’t appear to be so sheer due to her tan), only to find Alexandra Burke wearing the same dress in red.

Thankfully they didn’t wear the same colour; that would’ve been even more embarrassing.

Despite the illusion panel failing both ladies miserably, I will have to say Georgia wore it better for me as I much prefer her styling. I don’t know what Alexandra was thinking adding that satin blush-coloured clutch to her red dress.

Forever Unique

You can buy Georgia and Alexandra’s Forever Unique ‘AKI’ Dress from Forever Unique.

8 thoughts on “Who Wore Forever Unique Better…Georgia May Foote or Alexandra Burke?

  1. Markness

    What a walking contradiction. Forever Unique and you see another person with a gown same as yours on the same event just a different color? LOL.

  2. KatieKate

    I also like it best on Georgia, but this comparison got me to thinking. Isn’t it kind of unfair that they make only ‘fair’ nude illusion panels on dresses? What about women of color? Those ‘nude’ panels are only nude colored for a specific segment of women. IDK. Just made me wonder. If I were a designer, I would be sure to tailor this part of the dress to the client as well.

  3. George K

    I think Alexandra wore it best and I’m sure that’s a vintage Valentino clutch in her hand. Red is definitely a great colour for her, black seems too safe an option for red carpet. Well done Alexandra! I don’t think people appreciate her enough.


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