The Fashion Pack Love…Valentino T-Bar Pumps

The Fashion Pack Love Valentino T-Bar Pumps

Platforms, peep-toes and stilettos, stand aside. The new sole obsession on the scene is suiting the style pack to a T.

Fashionable femmes everywhere have been taking Valentino’s Fall 2013 T-bar pumps out for a spin, showing off the playful patent leather and white velvet paneled shoes.

Clicking their heels to the tune of Valentino are the likes of an edgy-chic Miroslava Duma, Net-A-Porter’s Natalie Massenet in monochrome, and eccentric editrix Anna Dello Russo displaying her inner flower child. ¬†They, among others, have all trotted out their unique interpretation of the attitude-packing pumps.

Flaunting the right dash of sassy schoolgirl charm, a splash of vintage sassiness, and just a hint of sex appeal, these T-bars are raising the trendsetting bar. No wonder the fashion set is falling for them.

You can buy these Valentino T-bar pumps from
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15 thoughts on “The Fashion Pack Love…Valentino T-Bar Pumps

  1. kane

    I’ve always quite liked them on the runway where they seemed to have this velvety effect, most often seen probably for the white dress with china-blue embroidery last worn by Angelababy a few days back. Off the runway, however, they are a bit of a disappointment.

    1. KatieKate

      You took the words right outta my mouth. I really liked them when I initially saw them on the runway, but they simply haven’t translated well.

  2. TeaAtTwo

    Awful. I like Miroslava’s and Natalie’s outfits ankles up. They only work slightly on the teenage model who got paid to be seen in them.

  3. EmmaWoodhouse

    Yes, because what we all need is too look like we’re wearing white socks with heels…lol these are horrific imo.


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