Angie Harmon @ Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014

Angie Harmon Paris Fashion Week

Every season there is one actress who does the rounds at Paris Fashion Week. This season it is the turn of ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ actress Angie Harmon.

Stella McCartney: Her Fashion Week started on Monday at the Stella McCartney show, where she donned a teal long-sleeved dress with lace panels by the British designer.

Giambattista Valli: After starting off slow, she took things up several notches, styling her GBV grey-and-blue floral-print frock with sexy mesh booties and a goat-hair clutch.

Elie Saab: Opting for another sophisticated look, the actress donned a nude-and-purple dress from the designer’s Resort 2014 collection styled with the same strange goat-hair clutch.

Angie Harmon Paris Fashion Week 2

Valentino: Despite seeing this print several times on the fashion pack, this Valentino Fall 2013 floral frock is my favourite look here. The red accessories really sell this look to me.

‘Mademoiselle C’ premiere: Sadly, this neon-yellow Valentino Resort 2014 long-sleeved gown doesn’t photograph too well, but I can imagine it was amazing in person. I love that she added an additional citrus hue via her orange clutch.

Credit: FameFlynet & Getty

25 thoughts on “Angie Harmon @ Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014

  1. Anne

    She looks good in the Stella and the Elie Saab, and I like the idea of the Valentino. But what a letdown in the hair and makeup department and overall styling.

  2. H

    I agree liking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th look, and yeah she’s not wearing almost any make up and yet looks grogeous, or at least I see it like that. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m a dude.

    1. KatieKate

      I find a “dude‘s” perspective very interesting and refreshing. I also happen to agree she looks great with little to no makeup, but I do wish she would have done more with her hair so she would have looked more polished. I believe that would have greatly elevated these looks. Had she slicked her hair back and worn a vibrant lip color with the neon Valentino gown, and it would have been a knockout on her. It doesn’t take much effort from her, as she’s already naturally gorgeous.

  3. Dean

    Love the Elie Saab look, and almost liking the neon green Valentino, it needs something to break up all the colour I think, though. She should put a little more effort into her hair.

  4. pipsqueak

    Angie is a natural beauty! I love the Valentino look the best – that ponytail helps. She’s the Ali MacGraw of the 90s – a model-like beauty of olive skin. So glad that she made a comeback on TV. Would love to see her more on the red carpet.

      1. Banx

        Love the Ali McGraw reference, perfect! The Valentino is fantastic for her and the ponytail works so well. I loved the rest too, well, wasn’t sure about the neon green on so long a dress so thanks for the note about the photo. Interesting how it is enhanced by the orange clutch.

  5. Anj

    The Valentino look is my favorite. All the looks are being brought down by her hair so it’s a relief it’s up in that look.

  6. Maria

    At first I was put off by her lack of make-up and any real hair styling, but what could be more Parisian than that?

  7. illy

    I love her, she is flawless. She doesn’t need the make-up and she’s not a tri-hard like so many others.

  8. Lisa

    I think this woman is beautiful and has a figure for fashion. I am happy that you are featuring her. However, there is a disconnect with her clothes and her makeup/hair. A little more attention to her makeup would make her more polished and have earned her rave reviews.

  9. Nat39

    The floral Valentino with the vibrant red accessories is the most exciting, and the fitted sophisticated Elie Saab dress works best for her.

  10. kane

    Only look 3 for me. The flowery dress has an okay print and a nice styling but the cut isn’t doing anything for me.

  11. Alex

    To me she sells the look by her natural beauty and humbleness. It’s amazing how different she is in real life compared to her on-screen character’s (non-existing) styling :)

  12. Rebecca Z

    Pretty under-whelming all around. The clothes are okay choices, but not spectacular. I agree her hair and makeup are haphazard.

  13. Parvati

    My favourite look here is the Valentino one. As for the rest

    Stella McCartney: It feels too plain and these pumps are uninspiring.

    Giambatista Valli: I don’t like anything about this look.

    Elie Saab: It would have been my second favourite look, if it weren’t for those pumps.

    Premiere: The dress does nothing for her, the clutch doesn’t fit and she should have done something with her hair, because they don’t fit such a dress.


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