Nicole Kidman In Prada & Saint Laurent – Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Ceremony

Nicole Kidman In Prada - Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Opening Ceremony

Nicole Kidman attended the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis earlier today in Qingdao, China.

The actress wore a red-and-black Prada Resort 2014 high-neck leaf-and-flower-print gown accented with a bejewelled neckline and styled with dazzling drop earrings, a steel bracelet and black sandals.

Even though this dress made me think back to her L’Wren Scott gown worn during Cannes Film Festival, this is yet another amazing look from Nicole.

The sleek updo was the icing cake.

Nicole Kidman In saint laurent  – Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Ceremony

Earlier in the day she wore a black and white Saint Laurent look featuring a jacquard blazer, sheer blouse and slim-fit pants.

Her chic and sexy look was styled with a gold Omega watch and white Jimmy Choo ‘Faxon’ peep-toes with a black criss-cross detail.

I do love a colour co-ordinated look and I do love that Nicole is back on tip-top form.

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  • coll

    Such a cool, bold, retro print. And love the chic pants outfit as well.

  • Angel

    Love, Love, Love both looks from head to toe! Exquisite! Perfection!

  • Tina

    Is it just me because I am sooo much more in love with the Saint Laurent look than the Prada dress? She is working the hell out of that suit!

  • adrian

    wish I could get more of that Saint Laurent Nicole. Bad-assery!!!

  • dee

    I love both looks.

  • Love that suit and those shoes! The dress is vomit.

  • Carolina

    I just love both looks! The Prada dress is quite amazing and the hair works really well!
    She just knows how to look classic, refined and polished as anyone else

  • Aline

    God, the updo in the first look is just awful. And the dress isn’t really much better either.

    The second outfit, however, is pretty great.

  • Lilac

    Wow, edgy hair….. she’s taking risks with the hairstyles, that’s cool.

    The Prada gown was fabulous (and more appropriate, a bit of chinese style there) but I’m more in love with that Saint Laurent….. gonna buy those shoes!!!

  • charlotte

    I like the blazer look more than the red carpet one.she looked so chic.
    and FC,where is Zhang Ziyi and the other local celeberties who attended this event?
    I just saw a photo of zhang,and she looked sensational,Maybe u should cover that.

  • Cass

    Love her hair in the first look. Don’t fancy the dress. Not that she doesn’t carry it off well. Just don’t really like the huge prints. The second look is perfection from head to toe!

  • CreoleLady

    Hyperventilating over those black and white peep-toes. Everything else is fine; not her best, but more than adequate.

  • Valissa

    She looks amazing in both! The Prada dress fits her perfectly and the colour and print compliments her well.
    I also really love her SLP look! The shoes are to die for!!

  • Dareen

    I adore the Prada and it’s totally perfect for the occasion, as is the hairstyle. Beautiful.

    I also love love LOVE the Saint Laurent daytime look. She looks so cool and chic.

  • Paulo

    I love that she still looks regal while wearing Saint Laurent. Wish more pieces from Hedi’s collection would be as chic and sophisticated.

  • Pedro

    Queen Nicole looks perfect from H-2-T!

    I love both looks but the Prada dress is amazing

  • Eng-narak

    I thinks she want to combined a(look like)chinese style with the gala events and this is a right place and a right dressed so that perfect.

  • Lee Ann

    I looked at the photo then read all the favourable comments and then thought whoops maybe I was too quick in judgement and thought lets look again. Nope it was worse the second time .

    • KatieKate

      I know what you mean. I went through the exact same thing! Lol! 🙂

  • Lee Ann

    This is not good. Firstly her hair looks like something straight out of Leave It to Beaver and as a mother to a stunning redhead I can say that the make up especially the lipstick is wrong and the red of the dress too harsh. Redheads can wear red but not this tone. striking yes. But not in a good way. This is bad Carmen Miranda.

    • Tweed

      It’s far from Carmen Miranda. I’m getting a subtle nod to Wong Kar Wai’s film muses, which is fitting considering the setting. She’s always dressed appropriately, and despite the criticisms against her – even nitpicking the tiniest thing, she still manages to stay dignified and it comes across in the way she dresses. Love the bold hairstyle – quite unexpected with this look.

      • LeeAnn

        To me its moreThe World of Susie Wong and I don’t think it it picky to not like her hair make up or say the colour of the dress is not flattering

  • Rebecca Z

    This is far from the top of my Nicole list. First, the hair is just awful–very aging and stiff. The dress is okay, but with that hair it makes her look like she is 50 in the 50’s. She can, and recently has, done such my better than this.

    • Rebecca Z

      Oops–should be “much” better

  • monde

    The dress is great by itself, but the location and styling really put this over the top and make it perfect for me. She looks incredible. Her styling has been impeccable as of late, hope she keeps it up!

  • Tiger Nueng

    The 3 if her looks(Giorgio Armani, Dior & Valentino) from Cannes still got my vote for BDOTY contender ♥♥♥

  • Eng-narak

    This is really breathtaking for me and I also love the back of the dressed.

  • ramsay

    There is something about her that (I believe) keeps us interested. I am not sure what it is but people who follow the red carpet (like people on this website) are rarely indifferent to her. Is it her status as a fashion icon in the late 90s/early 00s? Is it her stature that can make any dress look better on her than on other people? Is it her fair skin or her natural “class”? Not sure which but people seem to wait for her red carpet appearances. This year she’s been successful at Cannes (and even the Golden Globes and the SAG). This look is another success for her (and for Prada which as we know is not always the case for the brand). I find it bold and unexpected. Well done!

    • seamus lee

      well said!

    • ramsay

      Come to think of it, this might make it to my BDOTY list – which would make it the second look of hers on that list – Hopefully someone tops this tonight at the Emmys

  • Denise

    Really love this and the neckline. The hairstyle is growing on me but overall she looks lovely.

  • kane

    I sometimes have quite a hard time with her style, but I quite like this.

  • Alina

    I might be the only one, but I do not like this dress at all.

    • KatieKate

      You’re not the only one. I don’t like it either. And I don’t like the hair either. Everyone else liking it so much really surprises me….

      • chryssa


      • steph


  • Tiger Nueng

    Nicole Kidman + Red = perfect combo ♥♥

  • Mery

    She’s definitely enjoying fashion again! Thank god. And that updo is really amazing.

  • Paulo

    Gorgeous and regal as always! The hairstyle is amazing especially from the back. It’s elegant and unexpected. Even with the Emmys tonight, Nicole is still a strong BDOTW contender.

  • Namel

    Pretty dress, perfect styling. I Love the hair.

  • Nat39

    Loving the bold red-on-black drama, her styling is very polished and adds to the enticing exotic feel of the look. She is gorgeous.

    • Yeliz


    • Fiona-Brasil


    • Christine

      BDOTW worthy!!!! Stunning

  • anonymous as always

    when I was younger she used to be one my fashion icons. Later on she kind of lost it (plus, I discovered Cate Blanchett’s style). I am glad she looks again like the old days!

    • EmmaWoodhouse

      That is a really good point! She did lose her touch for a while but Cannes got her back on her game–really liking this bold and stylish look!

      • EmmaWoodhouse

        I do wish the second look didn’t have a sheer shirt though.

  • I love Nicole in prints! She looks fab, her hairdo is very unique and is perfect with the dress!

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