Live Stream: Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 #MFW

The Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 show will be streamed live at 5pm Milan time (CET).

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6 thoughts on “Live Stream: Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 #MFW

  1. anonymous as always

    Beautiful collection! I want to wear so may clothes from this show :) Although, at some points, some dresses looked, at least in my eyes, like a cute/more-fairy-like version of Dolca&Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli (the maxi ones) clothing. Or maybe it’s just me!

  2. Tracy L

    Wow. I loved so many of those pieces. Not every single one, but lots. Those full short skirts with the pockets were amazing. A very cohesive collection with lots of amazing details. Wish I was richer!

  3. june

    a really lovely collection. i love how she’s designed it so hands in the pockets don’t interrupt the flow of the dress (or just add to it)

    i wish i knew who did the music. loved it.

  4. KatieKate

    This collection was so beautiful with color! I am a big time lover of lots and lots of color, including many colors together, so I adored the rainbow prints and embroidery, as well as the woven ribbon details. It made me think of Rainbow Brite all grown up.


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