Best Dressed Of The Week – Scarlett Johansson In Versace, Lupita Nyong’o In Prada & Daniel Radcliffe In David Hart


Scarlett Johansson’s return to her blonde bombshell va-va-voom status wearing a gorgeous Versace gown was your favourite this week.

I was prepared to also give my vote to ScarJo in such an impressive busy week until Friday evening, when I was blown away by Lupita Nyong’o in Prada.

It’s the one look which got me excited about what she’s going to wear next and, if you have been paying attention, she’s yet to fail.

Daniel Radcliffe in David Hart was my favourite this week and I was surprised he was yours too, as I was positive you would pick Eddie Redmayne in Gucci.

Between the sharp tailoring, electrifying colour and his overall attitude, he totally made me swoon above all others.

Credit: Getty & FameFlynet

10 thoughts on “Best Dressed Of The Week – Scarlett Johansson In Versace, Lupita Nyong’o In Prada & Daniel Radcliffe In David Hart

  1. Kimi

    I agree with you on both accounts! Lupita Nyong’o just blew me away with that stunning dress. There was no one else but her. As for Daniel, I would always think Eddie Redmayne is best dress for eternity, but I just love the style of Daniel’s suit. He just looks so dapper!

    They both totally deserve this. I hope they continue with good choices in style!

  2. Jolene

    The system was hacked or the Versace mafia was behind the voting. I can totally see Donatella forcing an army of interns to vote on her gown, otherwise losing their jobs.
    Scarlet was looking beautiful BUT that dress was plain and boring. I leave here
    my protest !!!!

    1. Marybeth

      Scarlett was not my choice either but I do think she’s a worthy winner. What you are calling “boring” I would call classic. This is an example of bombshell dressing at its best, where sexy curves are displayed with perfect elegance!

      1. Jolene

        ok. I agree with you in the “classic”. I think the problem is I had seem tooooo many of this dresses for years. She was looking beautiful, the fitting was perfect but I was not wowed.

  3. KatieKate

    I did vote for ScarJo, and I can assure you that, sadly, I do not work for Donatella. Lol. I just thought she stood out above all the others-even I a ‘classic’ but beautiful dress.

    Lupita was my third, just behind Diane. Honestly, I don’t even think I like Lupita’s Prada dress all that much, but she is just so beautiful, it sells me on it, regardless. That’s power!

    As for the men, I voted for Douglas Booth. I keep looking at Daniel and thinking ‘I really do like that suit’, but he just doesn’t sell me on it. Which may be a bias, b/c I don’t think he ever has. Sorry, not a HP fan. In the least.


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