Dakota Fanning In Atelier Versace – ‘Night Moves’ Toronto Film Festival Premiere

Dakota Fanning In Atelier Versace - 'Night Moves' Toronto Film Festival Premiere

Dakota Fanning did a complete 180 style- and hair-wise from what we expect from her when she hit the red carpet at the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto, Canada yesterday evening, where she attended the ‘Night Moves’ premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

I think I have concussion from falling off my chair and hitting my head so hard from the shock of this look.

The shock is twofold.

Firstly she did away with the tried-and-tested princess gowns for this uber-sexy Atelier Versace Fall 2013 glittering deep-emerald two-piece dripping in Swarovski crystals, to which she added a Graziela Gems emerald ‘Ssssnake’ ring and Burak Uyan charcoal metallic strappy heels.

Secondly, and most importantly, we have a bun.

A sexy chic topknot, which was the perfect way to cap this breathtaking look.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

57 thoughts on “Dakota Fanning In Atelier Versace – ‘Night Moves’ Toronto Film Festival Premiere

    1. Anj

      I think she looks amazing but I can see how her wearing it might be jarring. Honestly, I would love to see this look on someone like Vanessa Hudgens.

    1. KatieKate

      +2! She is pulling this look off with major aplomb! It manages to look sexy, chic, effortless, youthful, and grown-up all at once. No Small Feat. I’m so impressed. Just WOW, and I’ll leave it at that.

      1. KatieKate

        Also, I just have to say how refreshing it is to see a young woman in Hollywood w/o fake boobs. It makes everyone look the same, and often OTT or trashy, or both. Dakota proves one doesn’t have to follow that unfortunate trend to look hot, or simply beautiful. Kudos to her!

  1. eleanorbvvv

    LOVE IT! finally the hair is pulled up. wondering why she was keeping it down all this time..
    I love the fact the she made the gap between the skirt and the top smaller…
    I’m missing a clutch though…

  2. Valissa

    *sigh* I’m going to say the same thing I said when I saw Selena Gomez in Atelier Versace at the VMA’s…it fits her ok but she’s missing that extra something and I wish somebody else had worn it!
    Ultimately, it’s just another stunning and sexy Atelier Versace gown wasted on a young starlet with very little va-va-voom.

  3. G

    She looks amazing! She’s on a roll lately. This versace ensemble looks great on her and the hairstyle change is the cherry on top. Sexy, edgy but still classy. Go Dakota!

  4. Lara

    Bravo for her changing up the routine. But she is hunching her shoulders in every single picture: a sure sign that she is uncomfortable. Perhaps the straps were a bit long, as I find the bodice sits a tad too low, so maybe that was her way of making sure they didn’t slide down. Overall, I’m more impressed by the effort than by the look.

  5. tsarah

    It may not have the same WOW effect like Selena did Versace but I’m honestly stunned with the transformation. She was very boring on the red carpet but seeing her like this… it’s a complete thumbs up.

  6. Yeliz

    I am shocked. I definitely didn’t see this coming. Not only the hairstyle, but also this completely different ensemble. She looks amazing.

  7. Pablo

    Concussion in my room as well ;) As it’s the fist time, she lacks a bit of attitude imo, but the change is oh so very welcome!

  8. Quinn

    I am as shocked as you and the other readers! She look fresher, younger and prettier with her hair pulled back! Love this!

  9. AnderBoBo

    Vast improvement and I agree that she looks so much fresher with that hair pulled back. However I can’t help but feel that this looks a bit incomplete, probably due to the lack of accessories, otherwise such a great and surprising effort.

    1. Lashae

      ia, this looks needs someone with personality and sex appeal b/c this look on her is very meh. This look would really good on Rihanna. This style fits her so much.

  10. marcia

    She tried. But she still looks like a 15 year old wearing her older sister’s clothes. There’s no sex appeal, no personality, and that round face and unkempt eyebrows always make her look just off.

  11. Lea

    I don’t get all the she doesnt’ have enough sex appeal comment. She is doing it better than the model for me.
    It looks trashy on the model, the white thong under the skirt is quite vulgar. On Dakota, the outfit looks classy. She looks beautiful and that’s all i’m asking for.
    The lack of accesories is a plus, the dress has alot of details, so she doesn’t need anything more.

    1. gabis

      I agree. She may not be oozing sexy appeal but she carries it off extremely well. It’s very clear that she’s not desperately trying to show she’s a sexual grown up like Miley Cyrus otherwise she’d be wearing this with a huge cleavage, hot pants and high slits.
      Her look has just the perfect amount of class and sexiness and she’s working it. BDOTW worthy?

  12. H

    It was about time, and I really like it man. I think she could start working into having more sexappeal, but I love the change.

  13. amy

    omg. I was so shocked when I saw this but in a good way. I’m glad she’s trying new thigs without going crazy.Kudos!

  14. Malinda Jane

    ATTN: MILEY, this is how you make an “I’m a grown woman now” statement. Sexy, sophisticated, not an ounce of pretense.

  15. FER

    Well, now I really have to eat my own words. In the runway, this versace atelier ensemble, and all the other looks presented, made me sick, I couldn’t stop thinking in what was Donatella doing, but, first Selena Gomez, and now, this… I have no way to critique this look.

    Some may say that she lacks of the “sex” appeal, but that exactly is what makes this look work, thanks to that good girl vibe she has, this looks classy, elegant, sophisticated and clean. Needless to say I’m in love with the look. It just looks so expensive and surprisingly put together. This is why she doesn’t use her hair up that much, because she knows that card has to be played only in special moments.

    1. cherrysoftness

      I completely agree. On another woman with “sex appeal”, this would just look like another Versace skin-tight dress. She brings a refreshing dimension to this outfit – she makes it look effortlessly elegant.

      P.S. It’s quite different, for me, from Selena Gomez, because with Selena you can see her aiming for the sexy Versace model look, which she isn’t hitting.

  16. Jolene

    ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR ! I am flabbergasted. Gorgeousness at the highest level. Sexy and sophisticaded. WOW! WOW ! WOW! Best way to start the week.

  17. Nat39

    I love it. I’m surprised at how well she carries this daring sexy look, with effortless and slightly naive youthfulness, I’m sold.

  18. Joy

    I’ve been so bored with fashion lately… This woke me up real quick! She looks stunning. So unpredictable and refreshing. This gown/top & skirt is AMAZING!!! I am in love with this gown, Dakota looks fierce. I love when fashion makes me take notice of someone I don’t usually get excited over. Thank you Versace for the much needed arousal.

  19. Prudence

    noo noo noo noo noo !!!!! Yet another look from Versace that is wasted on the wrong gal! I am sorry guys but she is not sexy enough to pull this off!! Wearing Versace isn’t just about the styling but how you carry yourself! You need to ooze sex appeal and she is simply not the girl!

  20. shap_half

    This is what BDOTY looks are all about. She is carrying this dress in a way that gives it new meaning. Good for her.

  21. Betelgeuze

    This makes me speechless. This is a perfect look, and something I really wouldn’t expect from Dakota. I mean, topknot? Wow. The glittery embroidery is so beautiful, and although I’m getting tired of all the summer crop tops, I’ll gladly and happily give Dakota a pass. She rocks it.


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