Rita Ora In Ugo Mozie x C Giannetti – Sundown Festival

Rita Ora In Ugo Mozie x C Giannetti - Sundown Festival

Rita Ora continued to tour the festival circuit, taking to the stage at Sundown Festival at the Norfolk Showground in England to belt out her hits this weekend.

The singer wore an eclectic look which featured a printed The Jersey Series by Ugo Mozie x C Giannetti limited-edition top with a black pleated skirt, with her boots grabbing your attention.

These are the second pair of Sophia Webster over-the-knee boots the singer has worn. The last pair were holographic; this time she selected a colourful yellow-white-and-red pair with lace-up detailing.

I’m still not crazy about these boots, yet I still wish she would’ve worn a top that didn’t compete with the boots.

Credit: thejerseyseries.com & XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

12 thoughts on “Rita Ora In Ugo Mozie x C Giannetti – Sundown Festival

  1. julyol1972

    Again, for the umpteenth time, FAIL, FAIL,FAIL!!! The boots could have been so epic, with a short/mini all-black performance outfit or something short reflecting the colors in the boot. That top and skirt is so tragic.

    Per usual, Rita makes my eyes ache.

    1. KatieKate

      +1__She spoiled those boots. And I also appreciate your attempt at subtlety FC, by using the word ‘eclectic’ when clearly you were thinking ‘deranged’.

    2. Joy2

      This is not addressed just to you, July, but to the overuse of the word tragic by so many–and I have to get it off my chest.

      Hurricane Sandy was tragic. The situation(s) in the middle east are tragic. Fashion faux pas not so much!

      1. julyol1972

        I get what you’re saying Joy, but for me, in this context of fashion, I don’t see a problem with using the word. It may be a mite cliched at this point, but as with “fierce” I just think it’s the best word to describe some outfits. Again, it all boils down to context for me.

  2. Kathy

    Had she ditched the skirt or opted for a sleek solid-colored dress instead, she may have been onto something. I love how bold and unapologetic the boots are, but Rita doesn’t do them justice. There’s simply too much going on at once.


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