Michelle Dockery and Freida Pinto In Miu Miu – Miu Miu Women’s Tales Talks Venice Film Festival Photocall

Miu Miu Women's Tales Talks - The 70th Venice International Film Festival

Michelle Dockery and Freida Pinto attended the Miu Miu Women’s Tales Talks photocall held at Excelsior Hotel on Saturday in Venice, Italy – with both ladies wearing Miu Miu, naturally.

Michelle Dockery: The ‘Downton Abbey’ actress wore a sombre navy sheer top and a black floaty skirt with black-patent pumps, which for me is not getting into the festival spirit especially when we are nearing the end of summer. Even with the red pout, I am totally bored by this look. She could’ve lifted it with some interesting jewels or a statement necklace, but no.

Freida Pinto: After failing to excite at the premiere last week, Freida was back to her best, looking lovely wearing a summery Miu Miu white-and-pink tie-dye sleeveless shirtdress styled with nude pumps with an embellished heel and a shimmering taupe lip colour. While this is much improved, I’m sad that we didn’t get a more glamorous moment from Freida at this festival.

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7 thoughts on “Michelle Dockery and Freida Pinto In Miu Miu – Miu Miu Women’s Tales Talks Venice Film Festival Photocall

  1. Jolene

    Utterly uninspiring, both of them. Are those real wrinkles on Freida’s dress or are they printed to look like wrinkles? Atrocious in any case.

  2. Anj

    I love Freida’s shoes and although her dress isn’t that amazing, compared to Michelle’s look, it’s out of this world.

    I have never liked anything Michelle Dockery has ever worn. Her looks are tired, without life, and generally messy. This instance is no exception.

  3. KatieKate

    Michelle’s looks like some kind of uniform or something. It’s just so generic and lacks any individuality or life of any kind.

    Freida’s dress is definitely cute, but it’s wrinkled to heck, and that just really brings it down. Also, from this angle at least, her shoes are no good either. Although many disliked her red Miu Miu dress from the premiere, I really liked it, and I def prefer it to this.

  4. kane

    I hardly ever get Michelle’s choices so me not liking this isn’t very surprising. Freida at least isn’t a stranger to some nice, bold colour usually, but this look is somewhat messy as well. What’s up with that fabric?


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