Dita Von Teese In Gucci - Raven Music and Arts Club Opening Press Conference

Dita Von Teese attended a press conference at the W Hotel, Mexico City for the opening of the Raven Music and Arts Club.

Dressed in all black with a few touches of red via her lips and the soles of her Louboutin pumps, the burlesque star wore a Gucci Fall 2013 jumpsuit.

It’s not often we see Dita take a stride outside her favoured retro-dress box, so this is a rare and refreshing treat – even if she did stick to her favoured colour black.

The sexy jumpsuit features fern-patterned lace sleeves and a regular front panel which is more tasteful than a similar panel we saw on Heidi Klum yesterday.

Classic, signature retro waves completed her look.

Are you delighted to see Dita do something new, or with this styling does it still feel like same-old, same-old Dita to you?


You can buy Dita’s Gucci jumpsuit from Gucci US and Gucci UK.

Credit: Style.com & Getty