Julianne Hough In Bec & Bridge and Halston Heritage – InStyle Summer Soiree

Julianne Hough In Bec & Bridge and Halston Heritage - InStyle Summer Soiree

Julianne Hough attended the 12th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree held at the Mondrian Los Angeles in West Hollywood, California yesterday evening.

As you know, I have been crushing on Julianne’s style for a while now, and she’s wowed once again wearing a dramatic look consisting of a white Bec & Bridge top and a tulip orange Halston Heritage maxi skirt, which really stood out on this dove-grey red carpet.

Does the look feel a touch over-dramatic for a summer soiree?

Maybe, considering she was the only person who didn’t wear a knee-length look, but she looks so elegant and I love the effortless styling.

The half-up, half-down ‘do and neutral makeup take some of the formality out of the look, which would’ve looked just as good on the Emmys red carpet.

OTT or a perfect way to stand out?

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17 thoughts on “Julianne Hough In Bec & Bridge and Halston Heritage – InStyle Summer Soiree

  1. CreoleLady

    I like it. Her hair and those eyebrows are what put me off of many of her looks, both seem too harsh/hard imo. I really dislike her hair — the roots, color and styling do not appeal to me.

  2. Rebecca Z

    I love the concept, and everything but the skirt, though I like the color a lot. I wish it had been an orange pencil skirt–the it would have been so summery and chic. This skirt is just too voluminous for her in my opinion. She looks great in orange, and I love orange.

  3. Linda

    Agree with CreoleLady about the hair and Rebecca Z about the orange pencil skirt. I LOVE the close up shots of the fabric – the colour is so divine – and the amazing wrist and finger jewellery.
    So final verdict: Neater, softer hair and makeup and a pencil skirt and pair of killer shoes and we’re in business.

  4. justme

    Her eyebrows have been looking a bit too strong lately. They make her look much older than she really is.

    1. Sara

      +1 I was looking at her eyebrows in the last post and thought the same thing. THen I looked at some other posts and saw her eyebrows were lighter, which I liked a lot better.

  5. gabis

    I’m not crazy about the design of the skirt but I love the colours and how her simple styling counterbalanced the drama of the skirt. It doesn’t feel OTT but a beautiful way to stand out.

  6. KatieKate

    Let me just get this out of the way: I hate that hair. It looks dirty, unkempt, and just awful. If she actually paid a hairstylist to give her that ‘do, she needs to be asking for a full refund, stat! Anyway, I think the outfit is lovely. I don’t mind the length since the styling is kept low key. Her jewelry is also very cool.

    1. Sharon

      Are you reading my mind, KatieKate? I feel exactly the same way. If she paid for that hairstyle, she was robbed. And the same goes for the dark eyebrows. Frmo the neck down, though, she looks good.

  7. Nat39

    The maxi skirt slightly overwhelms and stumpifies her, she is a bit too short to carry it off, but I think she looks really lovely otherwise, I like it.

  8. kane

    I agree with many of the above: colours yay, cut nay. If the bodice had been better fitted, especially where it hits the skirt, it might have worked, but the shape of the skirt is… weird.


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