Amanda Seyfried In Gucci – ‘Lovelace’ London Screening

Amanda Seyfried In Gucci - 'Lovelace' London Screening

Amanda Seyfried attended a special screening of ‘Lovelace’ held at The Mayfair Hotel in London this evening with co-star Peter Sarsgaard.

The actress is the face of Givenchy, but she seems to favour Gucci as this is the second red carpet look from the Italian brand she’s worn during this promo tour.

Working a schoolmarm hairdo and juicy, plump red lips, Amanda wore a metallic-blue-dotted chiffon short-sleeved shirt and matching skirt from Gucci’s Resort 2014 collection.

Amanda, of course, completed her look with her favourite Givenchy sandals to add some sex appeal to her sheer look, but it’s fighting a losing battle with that aging hairdo.

Sadly, the hair is killing the look for me.

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23 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried In Gucci – ‘Lovelace’ London Screening

  1. Prudence

    This is sooo not the collectio for her! Please stay away amanda!! However the worst part of it all is that hairdo! She has aged 15 years!!!!

  2. kane

    I actually don’t mind the hair. The whole look has a strong retro, specifically 70s, vibe about it and it the hair fits it for me. I’m not convinced that these are the best shoes they could come up with though. I guess they must be REALLY comfy.

  3. Jolene

    She looks lovely. The dress fits her perfectly . The colour is gorgeous. I love everything but the hair.

  4. Sharon

    I’m no prude, but I don’t like the sheer skirt of this dress. This type of skirt always makes me think that the wearer is going to whip off the skirt and start tap-dancing like a 50s movie star. Although, with this strange hair, Amanda does not look like a movie star.

  5. Malinda Jane

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I love all of it. I think she looks great. Whatever lipstick she’s wearing, I need it!

    1. Evil Britta

      I don’t think you’re crazy, I think it’s wonderful. I can see how people would find the hair aging, but not distractingly so! Flatteringly so instead! I love the look.

  6. Eve_V

    Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with her hair. It kind of goes with the sexy retro housewife look of the dress.

  7. Beth Rodrigues

    Amanda seems to be trying very hard not to be a hot,sexy young actress during this it because of Lovelace..not wanting to be seen as cashing in on the roll? There must be a middle ground between downtown sexy and school marm..

    1. Ziggy

      That’s what I’ve thought too when I first saw this look. She should have turned up the sexy volume a little bit more.

  8. J

    I love the hair. I don’t see what’s wrong with it at all. I think the entire look is very cohesive and lovely. I’ve always wanted to do my hair like that and she pulls it off beautifully, just like a doll.

  9. MagB

    I love this look & the retro vibes. I think she carries it so well. As for the hair, we’ve been asking her to do something different with her hair and here it is. I think she looks fantastic!

  10. Dhppy

    I know Lovelace is set in the 70 but this outfit doesn’t seem to fit that period at all. To me, it clearly references the dancer tap pants of the 40s and the standard housewife dress of the 40s/50s.


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