Anna Camp In Lorena Sarbu – 2013 Young Hollywood Awards

Anna Camp In Lorena Sarbu - 2013 Young Hollywood Awards

Anna Camp joined a host of stars who took to the red carpet yesterday evening for the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards held at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, California.

Like Alyssa Milano, the ‘True Blood’ star selected a jumpsuit; however, her Lorena Sarbu look was in a summery white hue, with gold embroidered detailing accented with a gold metal-and-leather belt.

A selection of gold jewels courtesy of Norman Silverman, Melinda Maria and Dana Rebecca, plus Jimmy Choo sandals, added yet more shimmer to her beautiful look.

I just love the unexpected contrasting tangerine lip colour and the simple bun.

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10 thoughts on “Anna Camp In Lorena Sarbu – 2013 Young Hollywood Awards

    1. AnderBoBo

      Agree, such a shame because an otherwise great look. I’d be steaming myself in the limo before an event like this.

    2. Anj

      There is no possible way this material wouldn’t wrinkle within a couple of minutes of wearing it. It sucks and doesn’t look that great, but it can’t be helped and I try to see past it whenever I can.

      In this instance, I agree- I like this jumpsuit and yes, totally better than Alyssa Milano’s. I’m not a fan of her hair though and wish it was down and bouncy. It’s short enough that it wouldn’t cover the intricate back of her jumpsuit.

  1. Charlotte

    I really like this jumpsuit but I think it’s a little bit too big for her, especially around the breast and the hips.
    Still, she looks great.

    1. KatieKate

      I agree about the fit, and the creasing as mentioned above. Both bring down an otherwise beautiful jumpsuit.

  2. Linda

    Beautiful design and the pants are the right length. One of the most elegant jumpsuits I’ve seen. The creases can’t be helped. I LOVE the lip colour.


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