Jayma Mays In Rebecca Minkoff – Good Morning America

Jayma Mays In Rebecca Minkoff - Good Morning America

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw Jayma Mays heading to the ‘Good Morning America’ set to promote her latest movie, ‘The Smurfs 2′.

The ‘Glee’ actress’ Rebecca Minkoff ensemble was an explosion of colour, featuring a lava-print ‘Becky’ jacket from the Fall 2013 collection, with electric-blue leather skinny jeans from the Resort 2014 collection and a white-and-red printed tee-shirt.

It may be an assault on the eyes for some, but I adore this look from head to toe as a lover of print and colour.

I like how the look was carefully considered and not just thrown together for the sake of standing out.

Opting for fresh, neutral makeup, the actress completed her look with a silver bracelet and simple black strappy Chelsea Paris sandals.

Credit: Splash News

20 thoughts on “Jayma Mays In Rebecca Minkoff – Good Morning America

  1. Denise

    After Shailene we needed this explosion of colours. Wonderfully put together, great fit, effortless.

  2. Mandy

    If the shirt had been plain i would have loved this, however i feel like there is just a tad too much going on for me.

  3. Rebecca Z

    She looks great and more natural and comfortable than usual. There’s almost always something stiff about her appearances, but this time she looks great.

  4. Marybeth

    Smurftastic! It’s a perfect look for promoting a fun, colorful movie on a morning show.
    I like that she wore simple unobtrusive sandals. Pumps might have killed this and anything too bright (even white) would have been overkill. Well done!

    1. Nat39

      You said it perfectly, a perfect well thought-out colorful outfit to promote ‘The Smurfs’.

  5. Anj

    For me, the pants are one step too far. I almost feel like I need sunglasses here. The colors go but I just don’t think I can handle those pants.

  6. julyol1972

    I love the juxtaposition of the style of her character Emma on Glee with with that of who she is in real life. On Glee she always so prim and proper, wearing lady-like in dresses, with cute sweater-sets, brooches and a very 50′s housewife sometimes almost mod aesthetic. Whilst in in real life, she embraces fashion and vivid color, nor is she afraid of mixing and matching patterns.

  7. Valissa

    I’m not fond of this. The shirt should’ve just been plain white…the print on it clashes with everything else. And the shoes are random…why black sandals?
    Just not feeling it *_*

  8. Evil Britta

    I love love love the jacket. Please feature this in Shop the look, FC, I can’t find it anywhere online atm!


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