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Armie Hammer In Gucci & Johnny Depp In Tom Ford – ‘The Lone Ranger’ London Premiere

The Lone Ranger - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

The UK premiere of ‘The Lone Ranger’ was held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on Sunday evening, with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp joining co-star Ruth Wilson on the red carpet.

Armie Hammer: I love that Armie continues to opt for such bold suits, this time wearing a custom bright-red Gucci suit styled with a crisp white shirt. As you know, I am not a fan of brown on the red carpet. I tried to like the fact that the tie wasn’t predictable black, but I think I would’ve liked the look better had it been. Nonetheless he makes it work.

Johnny Depp: With his trademark tinted shades firmly in check and his signature silver jewelry accessorizing the look, Johnny looked very suave wearing a blue Tom Ford three-piece suit with the designer’s signature wide lapels. I can live with the pants being too long, but not with the chipped pink nail varnish.

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  • Lalaine

    Armie looks fantastic. I too wouldn’t have picked a brown tie.

  • Denise

    This picture of them is awesome! They are both unique in their own way. Armie is the model-prince charming, and Johnny is handsome and quirky. Love them both.

  • Cass

    Armie Hammer looks delicious. Impeccable fashion taste.

  • Marybeth

    Hey, I’ll take Johnny Depp any day in a burlap sack but, when it comes to fashion, he has far more misses than hits. This is a big miss in my book.

    I can see why others might like Armie’s look but the red is just too loud for my personal taste.

    My favorite here is Silver. The distressed black leather and silver embellishments perfectly complement his coloring! BDHOTW!

    • KatieKate

      Freaking Hilarious. That literally made me LOL!!!:-)

    • dee

      LOL!!!!! BDHOTW. That was funny. 🙂

  • Nat39

    Armie continues to delight. Glorious, bold colour, not everyone can pull it off, yet Armie does it effortlessly thanks to his trim build, impeccable fit and clean styling, and of course his natural charm and ability to wear a suit so well. Glad that he opted for brown instead of a common black – brown works great against red without being too harsh/heavily contrasting. A BDOTW contender.

    Johny looks sloppy in a suit that is 2 sizes too big for him, and try-hard with all the jewels.

    • Nat39

      …and that nail polish is way too much

    • dee

      He isn’t trying hard. That’s been his style for years.

      • Nat39

        I understand it’s his style but personally I’m not a fan of it, it may come naturally to him, but to me it doesn’t look cool or stylish, but more like tasteless gimmicks. But it’s only my personal impression of his style of course, I understand how others may appreciate it.

  • kane

    Armie looks great! I like Johnny’s suit, but not the styling.

  • justme

    Armie continues to destroy Johnny on this promo tour. I oddly like the brown tie here.

  • Yeliz

    LOVE Armie’s look. So different and so dapper and handsome. BDMOTW worthy.
    I have no words for Johnny’s nails.

  • Valissa

    Armie has really won me over. He’s so tall
    and handsome and looks so dashing in a suit!
    Johnny is Johnny…he always looks the same…quirky and slightly unkempt but handsome in his own way!

  • Christine

    Hammer looks good in the red suit.

    Johnny pink nails? LMAO. I cant.

  • Alina

    Armie.. *swooning*

  • dee

    Both of them look handsome. Johnny’s daughter probably painted his nails.

  • Pedro

    Armie Hammer looks perfect.

    He is so tall and hot… love him

    • Fiona-Brasil


  • Charlotte

    Love both of them.
    The sunglasses and the nail polish on Johnny Depp are ugly but even with that he looks great.

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