Zachary Levi In Reiss – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Zachery Levi In Reiss - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Zachary Levi made a guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his new Broadway gig, ‘First Date’.

The actor continued to showcase his love for British retailer Reiss by wearing a stylish navy wool blazer jacket with peak lapels and a waistcoat, to which he added a navy-and-white polka-dot pocket square.

Instead of working a three-piece suit, he opted for black denim jeans, keeping the look dressy-casual and youthful with black-and-white sneakers.

Zachary usually takes home the prize of best-dressed male, and I have a feeling he will rank very highly again this week.


You can buy Zachary’s Reiss jacket and waistcoat from Reiss US and Reiss UK.

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12 thoughts on “Zachary Levi In Reiss – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  1. Anj

    If this was a sweater vest, I’d say okay but it doesn’t look right with a formal suit vest. If he lost that, I’d like this look.

  2. Nat39

    He looks good but this outfit is a complete mismatch – very formal on top, the other half is too casual for it. He should’ve loosened up the top half a bit (lose a vest or jacket or tie, undo the top button and so on..) and I’m never a fan of sneakers with this kind of looks – a proper shoe (even with the jeans) is what makes a good dressy casual look (Dev Patel did it really well last week)

  3. KatieKate

    I like it, but I do think it would look better with dressier shoes, so that it isn’t strictly “business on top’ party on the bottom”.

  4. Lalaine

    As much as I like Zachary I really wish he’d worn the full suit – and with proper shoes.

  5. Namel

    A little too dressy for my liking for a talk show but he looks great. The boy knows how to work it.


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