Anna Dello Russo In Oscar de la Renta – Menswear Spring 2014 Milan Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo In Oscar de la Renta - Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2014 Menswear Show

Yesterday’s Spring 2014 menswear shows in Italy were punctuated by one of fashion’s strongest and zaniest personalities: Anna Dello Russo.

The perennially unpredictable editor-at-large for ‘Vogue’ Japan once again brought her signature brand of wow and whoa to the streets of Milan Fashion Week, stopping traffic in a shocking-pink, strapless top and shorts from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2013 collection.

Always the eccentric maximalist, you could count on Anna to pick up this peppy look with a feather-embroidered top and micro shorts to flaunt her pins. However, her obsession with excess didn’t extend to the runway look’s jewellery belt, which didn’t make the cut here.

Huge and hyper-reflective aqua-tinted shades were another unexpected twist to this flamboyant foray, stealing attention from a black-and-white houndstooth clutch and flirty blue-and-white T-bar Sophia Webster sandals festooned with a ruffled pink bow.

Oh, and don’t think she didn’t plan for potential sartorial naysayers; she crossed out any criticism of her flamingo mini with evil-eye earrings.

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Glastonbury Fashion

Glastonbury Fashion

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  • Valeria

    This is amazing, like with Solange’s prints, something I could never wear but can appreciate. She carries it really well and clearly is having a blast.

  • Valeria

    This is amazing, like with Solange’s prints, something I could never wear but she carries it really well and clearly has fun!

  • Xiomalys Crespo

    While this is not age appropiate, who cares when you are having this much fun with fashion? I love everything about her look, especially the contrast of that clutch!

  • mattison

    I’m not usually a fan of Anna’s style, but she looks like she’s having a blast here and that sells the entire “fancy flamingo on holiday” look to me in spades. She does look a bit overtan, but even that somehow works with such a bright and spirited color palette.

  • joe

    i’m not loving her hair at all. yuck. otherwise i love that she loves fashion & goes there.

  • Missy

    Spring 2013 and it already looks dated.

  • Kathy

    She gets away with this because she’s ADR. She dresses like a six-year-old half the time, and the other half she whips out these elaborate getups fit for a theater production. I like how she’s always having fun with fashion. It’s obvious that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, unlike some women who dress way too young for their age but try to sell it with no irony.

  • Lisa

    I feel like she robbed Sophia Grace and Rosie of their stage outfits.

    • KatieKate

      L0l! 🙂

  • Emma

    This is so fun! She’s still got it, and it would have been overkill with the belt- the decision to go without it was a good one! I don’t love the clutch but otherwise she looks amazing.

  • Christine

    She looks silly in this get up.

  • Southern Cross

    Since she wore evil-eye earrings, she will be impervious to any nasty comments anyone makes. This is good! It gives me the chance to say something I’ve long yearned to say: I LOATHE her usual gimmicky, colour-blind, look-at-meeee approach to fashion.
    There, I’ve said it. Now I will be silent. 🙂

  • Marybeth

    “…she crossed out any criticism of her flamingo mini with evil-eye earrings.”

    I shall therefore say nothing! 😆

  • CreoleLady

    She’s always good for a laugh, that’s for sure. The expressions on the faces of the people toting cameras behind her are priceless. I actually like her styling for once but — no.

  • KatieKate

    Totally love this. Anna never dsappoints–I adore her and her fun, eccentric style. Love every last bit of this, and I think she made a wise choice in opting out of the belt with all the other styling details.

    • Prudence


  • Pedro

    I looove Anna!

  • Alicat

    I love how she aims to be outrageous and doesn’t care about detractors. Oh to have her self confidence!!

  • gabis

    I’m surprised she ditched the belt.

  • DorianGray

    When I think abou excess I think of Anna Dello Russo. Loved every look she wore in there menswear days in Milan.

  • Yeliz

    Way too twee and age inappropriate as always.

    • Ariel

      + 1

      And her shades remain me of a fly.

      • Ariel

        * remind

    • dee


  • jo

    I’m surprised to say this but I’m actually loving her look, it’s fun and summery

    • Beta

      yes, for ADR standards it’s quite good! also it’s good she dropped the dollar store looking belt

  • Laura

    Her clutch and sandals are Sophie Webster 🙂

    • Catherine Kallon

      many thanks

  • Rashmi

    Isn’t she fun!! The bright color is great, she looks like a pink birdie 😀

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