Armie Hammer In Tom Ford & Johnny Depp In Ralph Lauren – ‘The Lone Ranger’ LA Premiere

Armie Hammer In Tom Ford & Johnny Depp In Ralph Lauren - 'The Lone Ranger' LA Premiere

Here is a look at Armie Hammer’s and Johnny Depp’s outfits, which they wore on the red carpet for the ‘Lone Ranger’ LA premiere on Saturday evening.

Armie Hammer: Of course, the handsome actor, wearing a pale pink Tom Ford linen suit, was the first to catch my eye. Finally, there is an actor who is not afraid to step out of the narrow, black, grey and navy box. As they say, ‘real men wear pink,’ and while that usually stops at a pink shirt, I have to say I love this pink perfect-for-summer suit styled with a white dress shirt and maroon tie.

Johnny Depp: I like that the actor scrubbed up on this occasion as he often looks like he just stepped off the set of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. He wore a smart Ralph Lauren pinstriped navy three-piece suit. Signature styling of tinted sunglasses, a pendant necklace, and key chain adornment completed his look.

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13 thoughts on “Armie Hammer In Tom Ford & Johnny Depp In Ralph Lauren – ‘The Lone Ranger’ LA Premiere

  1. Nat39

    Armie is like a breath of fresh air in the unusual light pink, he is carrying it off very well, the fit is perfect, the tie feels a tad harsh but since it’s maroon and not black it totally gets a pass. A BDOTW worthy contender.
    Johnny looks sloopy in the ill-fitted pants and with the unnecessary accessories.

  2. Ashley

    I prefer a Johnny Depp who wears a bolo tie instead of a Johnny Depp who wears a combination of 23098 scarves and 39487 necklaces any day.

  3. rake

    Well that is not a good picture of Johnny and who wrote this article know it..but johnny depp is a handsome man too..but he always wears his pants like this ..I know he could do better but I prefer Johnny any day,he is beautiful too!

  4. dee

    I like both looks. I like armie bold choice of pink. I like that johnny always wears his accessories. Shows off his individual style.

  5. Denise

    Johnny is back and looking good! No pink suits can put this extraordinary man and actor in the shade…


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