Asia Argento – ‘Zulu’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere and Closing Ceremony

Asia Argento was very much a girl behaving badly on the red carpet at Palais des Festivals in France this evening for the ‘Zulu’ premiere and Closing Ceremony for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

That’s because between her sultry poses on the red carpet, she was also spotted flipping the bird at the photographers.

Putting her behaviour aside, she looked gorgeous wearing a silk slip dress, with lace accenting the neckline and hem similar to ones we have seen in the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 collection.

She attempted to play down some of the overt sexiness of her look with a silvery grey scarf, with a white clutch and silver sandals completing her look.

Screen siren wavy locks and a hot red lip colour completed her look.

Credit: Getty