Carey Mullgian In Christian Dior - Tiffany & Co 'The Great Gatsby' Dinner

Carey Mulligan attended the Tiffany & Co ‘Great Gatsby’ dinner at Rockpool in Sydney, Australia on Thursday evening.

The British actress has been sticking to a minimalistic look throughout her promo tour, in what appears to be a conscious effort to look the total opposite to her character in the movie.

While even I have celebrated her simplistic efforts, this is just one minimalistic look too many for my liking.

Carey wore a black Dior cap-sleeve gown which doesn’t provide much of a talking point at all.

Had the dress been a few inches shorter we would’ve gotten a chance to see what appear to be neon-green Dior pumps.

Have you come to the end of the minimalistic line, or are you still thirsty for more?

Credit: Getty