Fan Bingbing In Chris by Christopher Bu – ‘Emperor’ Cannes Film Festival Press Junket

Fan Bingbing In Chris by Christopher Bu - 'Emperor' Cannes Film Festival Press Junket

Fan Bingbing attended the ‘Emperor’ press junket with Jackie Chan during the Cannes Film Festival at Torch at Vegaluna Beach Club in France last week.

The actress used the occasion to showcase the Chris by Christopher Bu Spring 2013 collection. A first for her stylist/designer Bu Kewen.

He has taken Fan from a then little-known actress at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival to propelling Fan to Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List in 2012, plus he styled her three looks on Oscar night this year.
It was after the Oscars that Bu launched his first women’s collection, named ‘From London with Love’.

For someone who co-designed Fan’s ‘Crane’ and ‘Dragon’ gowns, this collection is infinitely more wearable, opting for a playful aesthetic with many colourful prints, stripes and delicate pastels.

Fan selected a checked look featuring a yellow-and-white blouse with a high-waist black-and-white skirt, to which she added those can’t-live-without Giuseppe Zanotti platform peep-toes.

Credit: Chris by Christopher Bu facebook & Getty

26 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing In Chris by Christopher Bu – ‘Emperor’ Cannes Film Festival Press Junket

  1. Alicat

    Pretty, fresh look. Pity about the hoof like shoes. I much prefer the pumps worn by the model.

  2. justme

    Her shoes make me sad. They bring the light, summery vibe down.
    Also, how tiny is she lol? She’s barely taller than Jackie Chan in those “stilts”.

  3. Mick

    Finally we see her in something different but not overly quirky! I love the skirt and blouse, but I agree with everyone else on the stripper shoes.

  4. Emma

    The shoes are dreadful, I am so disappointed! The skirt and blouse had the potential to be something amazing, and I like her hair and makeup. I wish she had worn the shoes on the model and then added some dangly earrings to spice up her look.

  5. kane

    I share everyone’s thoughts: dress/skirt & blouse are nice, but the shoes are so wrong for this.

  6. Moxie

    Lovely look from the ankles up. Why ruin such a light summery look with heavy black pumps?

  7. Anne

    Don’t like one thing about this ensemble. The volume on the top together with the voluminous skirt is just too much fabric to drown in. She obviously is very pale, but she looks particularly washed out. And, those shoes… ugh, they should be burned.

  8. TeaAtTwo

    The outfit is really cute but the lookbook white pumps are infinitely better than Fan shoes.

  9. Liz

    Definitely would have been better with tamer shoes. But it’s excellent from the ankles up.

  10. EmmaWoodhouse

    Hate the shoes, but the dress is really cute. I wish he’d design another amazing gown for her too!


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