Kelly Rowland In Rami Al Ali Couture – 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Rowland In Rami Al Ali Couture - 2013 Billboard Music Awards
Kelly Rowland made a dazzling, near dizzying entrance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Wearing another of this evening’s shiny confections, the singer selected a Rami Al Ali Spring 2013 Couture silver gown embossed with holographic-like paillettes.

On the runway, this long, wraparound dress was reminiscent of a modern ‘Great Gatsby’ mood. But, on Kelly, with the silhouette snugged up and the slit way more defined, the vibe changed from a ’20s ball gown to a straight-up disco-ball.

I’m glad she opted for a single-strand necklace and a small bangle, rather than piling on even more glitz with too-many jewels. A heavy fringe bang and a lavender-pink lippie finished the look.

Do you like her splashy transformation of this sparkling dress?

Credit: ImaxTree & Getty

15 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland In Rami Al Ali Couture – 2013 Billboard Music Awards

  1. Nat39

    Love it, her figure looks amazing, she looks fresh and sexy, and I think it works for the event.

  2. Marybeth

    Nice! I think the fabric is too heavy for the draped runway dress and actually works better with Kelly’s version.
    True, it has a bit of a “disco-ball” feel, but why not? This is a music show in Las Vegas!
    And it is sexy without being forced and vulgar.

  3. Kathy

    I’m really on the fence. While I appreciate her taking the risk with an eye-catching dress, I’m not so sure it’s working out. The paillettes look like a cross between glass and reptile scales, which is certainly an interesting effect. I really don’t like the glitzy shoes.

  4. admmgz

    I prefer the runway version but Kelly’s version worked well for the event especially in Vegas

  5. lionel

    i see many times u dont like kelly rowland looks
    i think this look it’s great, not the best of the evening , but this look it’s better on her body shape than on the model and glad they cut shoulder

  6. EmmaWoodhouse

    Not loving the plunging neckline and the slit, and frankly the look is kind of like a piece of bubblewrap hanging around her.


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