Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior – ‘The Hunger Games:Catching Fire’ Cannes Film Festival Party

Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior - 'The Hunger Games Catching Fire' Cannes Film Festival Party

Jennifer Lawrence donned Dior for the third time today while attending a party to celebrate ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ during Cannes Film Festival at Baoli Beach in France this evening, following the photocall and the red carpet look.

Wearing a near identical look, the actress wore a strapless Christian Dior Fall 2013 off-white bustier with the same twill with a draped detail from the waist, featuring a printed Warhol ‘Femme Head 1958′ artwork.

Adding a youthful flare, Jennifer added pink Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’ pumps and a matching lip colour to complete her look.

Which look was her best look of today? The photocall, the red carpet or the party look?

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34 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior – ‘The Hunger Games:Catching Fire’ Cannes Film Festival Party

  1. Anne

    I liked, but didn’t love, all of her looks today. But, this one is my favorite. In fact, I prefer the shape of Jen’s bodice & how it fits her to the model’s. And the shoes are fab. I really liked these painting pieces from this collection.

  2. Ala

    This look works by the skin of her teeth. If it weren’t for that punch of color via her pink pumps, I’d wonder why she chose this look at all. But as usual, Jennifer is a breath of fresh air and I’m glad to see her on any red carpet.

  3. Ala

    btw, Catherine, I’m also hoping that she’s going to pull out all the stops for her own movie premiere… wishing for another moment like her stunning gold lamé Prabal Gurung dress in her Hunger Games promo tour!

    1. Derro

      It’s not a premiere, it’s a party – I understand why she went for something more understated.

      1. Ala

        Yes, you’re right it is a party. I was referring to her comment on her earlier post when J. Lawrence attended a premiere earlier that evening also wearing Dior. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Kat

    This one’s by far the best look. I love the playful print it, just seems made for her. And the pink pumps are a great addition – better than the white ones on the model.

  5. justme

    The dress should have been shortened a little but this is by far her best look of today.

    Even though her hair is much better here than it was in her earlier Cannes sightings, I just can’t like the “cool mom” cut. It ages her a lot and kills the youthful vibe many of her looks could have :/

  6. Nat39

    This is easily the best of her 3 looks. It´s quite a mature look but I think she manages to stay youthful, kudos for choosing those pink pumps.

  7. R

    This is easily the best of the day. I think white is her color and the pink pumps really work here.

    Just saw Dior’s resort collection and their are a bunch of pieced more suited for a younger person that also aren’t strapless, so things are already looking better for her fall promo. I’m cautiously excited.

  8. Emmeline

    This is the best, but that’s not saying much. At least her hair and makeup are a huge improvement from the premiere.

    I think Dior could work for her if the styling (and tailoring) were right, but Rachel Zoe hasn’t been doing her any favors. I’ll continue to say a prayer that Jennifer finds a better stylist.

    1. Maria Jose

      Ill say again here as I have commented on other posts that I do not think we should be criticizing the direct work of people and their livelihoods. We as viewers do not know what goes on behind the scenes to make these looks happen and to comment saying someone needs to lose their job is bullying and wrong. We should be celebrating fashion, not tearing people down on this site like it is Perez or a JustJared site.

  9. Betelgeuze

    Hmm, I think this one is my favourite of Jennifer’s looks today. Neck up she’s pure perfection, the dress is very pretty and the shoes lift up the look very much.
    Had she wore an orange lipstick at the photocall, my vote would go to it instead.

    But I must admit I’ve developed a strong case of Dior fatigue – I just see it so often while other fabulous things, like Alexander McQueen’s both latest collections, are vastly overlooked. :(

  10. Angela

    This is by far my favorite of the day. I already love her modern dress, but she breathes so much life into this look through her styling. The coral pumps were a great choice and they go well with the artistic Warhol decal. The earrings are also well suited to the look. I would’ve died to see this look with a loose fishtail braided updo, but that doesn’t stop me from fallig in love with this.

  11. Rebecca Z

    She looks adorable. For me, her hair works–much better than the longer hair put up into a mumsy bun. This shorter length is sharp and much lighter than her previous hairstyles. I would like to see her branch out into somewhat less structured clothes, but I think she looks great in a strapless fitted bodice like this one.

  12. EmmaWoodhouse

    She looks very cute. The dress is not jawdropping, though the hip detail is cute. But I like her styling and give it a thumbs-up.

  13. Elle

    She looks great (my only gripe is that the floral part is a little limp) but I am starting to really get bored with Dior. For me, the collection hasn’t been translating well onto the red carpet. I really hope she wears another designer…

  14. Mandy

    This is one of her best Dior looks, she looks youthful and fresh. In saying that i hope she wears some different designers when she is promoting catching fire in august/november

  15. kane

    I’m still a bit on the fence about the hip sections in so many of these dresses and the skirt still flows more nicely on the runway (might be the movement), but still this is a massive improvement to the previous looks. The pink shoes are a great choice and she looks so comfortable.

  16. CreoleLady

    If it’s not black, it’s white. Or black and white. And strapless. With draping that only seems to work on the runway. Or fits poorly around the hips and is too long. Liking a Dior look is an exception to the rule for me. Seems this is as good as it gets, which is mediocre as far as I am concerned.

    1. DM

      Very much agreed re the Dior pieces. As cute as she looks here, the hip detail to me looks awkward…almost like a table napkin. It doesn’t translate well from the runway apparently. Still Jennifer is confident enough to not make me think the look is a total failure.

  17. DSI

    This one is the better of the three. But yawn! Just like the “art work” print and the pink pumps. Nothing else.

  18. Yeliz

    This is easily my favourite of the three. Without the print and the pink pumps, she would’ve looked very mature, those two things are what made this look and I love her hair and makeup. Amazing from head-to-toe.

  19. Noemi

    I absolutely prefer this one, it’s beautiful, elegant, fresh. It’s one of my favorite looks of the collection. She looks lovely and the dress is very flattering on her.

  20. Jess2

    I appreciate the fact that she is adding some pops of colour via her lovely shoes but honestly, I’m over this combination. Fingers crossed for the premiere, I’m still loving her Prabal Gurung gown from the previous Hunger Games premiere. She always does well with Prabal!

  21. Nat

    Well the photocall was dreadful and her red carpet look is almost as the same of the look she wore on SAG awards but black and white so this one wins my favorite not because I like it but because it works better in her body. This Dior collection it is so boring you wear one dress and you already wore the whole collection.

  22. Moxie

    It would have been much better had the dress been a little shorter and her hair styled a little better.

  23. alice

    Love the fit on all three Dior outfits but have to say that I wish Jen would choose a different neckline for at least one of her looks. She’s been wearing the same strapless look for at least half a dozen of her latest appearances. It’s great on her but would like to see her in something else. That said, she always looks polished and stylish.


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