Carey Mulligan In Vionnet – ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Carey Mulligan In Vionnet - 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Carey Mulligan attended the premiere for her latest movie, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, during Cannes Film Festival working summers hottest trend, black-and-white.

Her white Vionnet Fall 2013 gown with a central slit and keyhole detail features a black satin neckline which she completed with her favourite Brian Atwood ‘Aida’ sandals.

I once again love the simplicity of the look. I don’t know how, but she is totally winning me over with this minimalist run.

Carey not only kept the same hair and makeup from the photocall earlier in the afternoon, but she also opted to not wear any jewels.

Were you expecting more, or are you swept away like I am?

Justin is looking so very devilishly handsome his tux.

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Aishwarya Rai In Elie Saab Couture – ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

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  • adrianak


  • Moxie

    For once I like Carey’s minimalist look. The cut out on top wasn’t necessary, but it doesn’t detract from the overall look.

  • snowlion

    I loovvee this.

  • Xiomalys Crespo

    I hated the pink Dior, but this is more like it! I mean, if you are going to do simple, at least do an interesting take on it!

  • Alicat

    This is a beautiful gown in its simplicity and she looks great in it. This is her style and I could not imagine her in a “big” gown, Cannes or not. I do think her hair and makeup are underwhelming and bring the look down. There is no warmth or colour. Just over processed hair and a ghostly face.

  • Fiona

    I like this very much and it is good to see Carey back in Vionnet, however, I am over the black & white minimalism look, it is starting to feel artificial or is she emulating Rooney Mara’s run of black & white, do they only look for monochromatic gowns? It is feeling contrived for me now.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    The next person to wear the black and white formal look had better execute it really well because otherwise I’m over it. I’m also not feeling extreme minimalism…but I would have been ok with this look had it not been for the cut-out, which I find tacky (it IS better on Carey than the model, but still). Not loving this look.

  • Aline

    First of all, she wears it much better than the model. However, I don’t think this is a flattering dress. From the waist up, it fits perfectly, but then it falls over her legs weirdly. No me gusta. But, I don’t like the dress itself to start with so…
    Also, her sandals are too heavy.

  • fromchi-town

    Perfect from head to toe. Of all the black and white gowns we have seen at Cannes, this is my fav.

  • Rebecca Z

    This is just fabulous. So sophisticated, so chic, so perfect.

  • Serena

    I don’t love the dress in the runway image, but Carey somehow makes it work and I’m surprised how much I like this on her. One of my favourite Cannes looks so far!

  • I really like it, the dress is very classy and she looks good. But Justin… more handsome than ever, his hair is so beautiful!

  • giogin

    LOVE IT! Her best minimalist look.The dress speaks for itself.She look divine. Too much make up or jewels would have ruined it. My only complain is that i prefer her natural hair color. Well i guess it’s for a part.

  • Violetta Parr

    This is the kind of elegance no Elie Saab gown can (generally) compete with. When the beauty of the person (accentuated by the outfit of course) comes to your eyes before you notice what she’s actually wearing.
    I think Carey has always been very chic, but this outing of hers simply blew me away. Well done (:

    I wonder if she has a stylist

    • Emmeline

      Her stylist is Ryan Hastings.

  • irina

    just one word: boring!

    • dee


  • Marybeth

    Nice! This is my favorite of her looks so far.
    I like it very much.

    The chief problem I have with Carey right now is that shade of blonde hair, which, outside of looking fake, washes her out. I keeping thinking how much better all of these neutral looks would be if she had her natural hair color. 😉

  • kane

    I would have preferred other shoes, the sandals from the runway for starters. Great gown, of all of Carey’s black and/or white dresses this would be my favourite as well.

  • Getting a little bored with her monochrome and minimalist approach! But, I have to say she looks so angelic here! JT ever-so debonair!

  • Moody Crab

    To be honest FC, this look is not working for me.

    This Cannes aka the biggest fashion event outside the Oscars and Met Gala. Here, BIG & WOW are expected…Infact, demanded. And here she is serving us minimalistic. Its like going to a Michelin Star resturant expecting a gloriously decadent meal and then you are served banger and mash. Nah, not working for me

    • Catherine Kallon

      hmmm…bangers and mash…now I’m hungry 😉

    • Prudence


    • Shalini Lahiri

      +10000 Her minimalistic makes her stand out in a not-so-goodway!

  • Maria Luiza Maia

    I LOVE it. My best dressed of the festival so far.

  • Emmeline

    As much as I would have loved to see in her color, this is pretty flawless. I think I like it better on her than on the model.

  • DSI

    Couldnt agree more with you. Pristine!

  • Nat39

    I´m completely sold. It´s sharp, clean, on-trend. The original structure keeps it interesting and the silhouette is very flattering on Carey, and her no-jewellery styling is on point. It´s the minimalist look that works without looking plain or incomplete. Thumbs up from me.

  • Pablo

    Great gown. On trend and special.

    However, I’m really not sold on this no-makeup thing she’s going for this promo tour. She looks like she has the flu and had to get out of bed to go to the premiere.

    • Joy2

      Sure I can get behind this minimalist thing, but at Cannes? Right now she just looks underweight, glum and ill. Not seeing any glow from her.

      • Cathrina

        There is now glow, because she hasn’t got the right man beside her.

    • Sally


    • Fiona-Brasil


  • CreoleLady

    I want to be swept away. However, summer’s “hottest trend” has become a case of “not AGAIN” for me. I saw Vionnet and I thought wow. Then I scrolled down. Had to look back up to make sure it wasn’t another Dior. Meh.

  • Mol

    Of all the black and white she has worn, this is my favorite She looks picture perfect and I feel like she has really found her own style preferences – minimalist on all fronts vs being styled by someone else’s vision of her. She looks fresh, lovely and relaxed.

    • Kennedy


      Totally agree. I liked the Dior but I hated her hair and the lack of eye makeup.

      She should continue this minimalist run all the way to awards season but I would love for her to change her hair color to something less severe- her hair looks so damaged 🙁

      Also, I can’t get over the amazing chemistry b/w herself and Leo (in Gatsby and on the red carpet). Those two = the new Leo + Kate? 🙂

    • Kennedy

      Sorry for the double comment but now I’m even more excited to see what she will wear for the big Australian premiere on Wednesday!

  • Christine

    I was not expecting more. No expectations. I like this look, surprisingly. It works.

  • Charlotte

    This dress is way better than the Dior dress and I like the minimalist stylism, I just hoped for a better make up.

  • Yeliz

    She is just so stunningly beautiful, I am totally swept away by this simple look, just like you FC. This is minimalism at its best, I I I love it.

    Justin looks SO handsome.

    • Catherine Kallon

      The best he has looked in a while…I’m stunned by how much I like him here.

      He usually doesn’t do it for me

      • Pablo

        I think it’s his hair. It’s awesome tonight.

        • Yeliz

          Yes, I’ve noticed his hair too. It was perfect at the photocall and it’s perfect tonight too *swoon*

          • Christine

            According to JustJared FC, Justin is actually wearing a Balenciaga tux.

            Justin is wearing a Balenciaga tux, Cartier watch, Lanvin pin, and vintage Mother Of Pearl cuff links.

            • Christine

              Justin is wearing Balenciaga.

            • Catherine Kallon

              ok. thanks

    • TeaAtTwo

      I love this look too, so clean and elegant. I really liked her Dior gown but the limp hair was off putting so I’m glad she wore this chic updo.

      As for Justin I think the facial with the slick hair makes him look hot.

  • Rashmi

    I am totally distracted by Justin!! Loveeeee him

    • Alina

      +1 Who can see Carey?

  • Vera


    • Iris

      + 1

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