Zhang Ziyi In Carolina Herrera – ‘The Bling Ring’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Zhang Ziyi In Carolina Herrera - 'The Bling Ring' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Zhang Ziyi made her third appearance during the Cannes Film Festival this evening for ‘The Bling Ring’ premiere.

With the rain still coming down heavily in France, the actress selected a Fall 2012 gown by Carolina Herrera.

Her black-and-silver painterly print gown with a voluminous skirt styled with a stunning Chanel necklace takes me back to her princess days.

Opting to keep her wig on the headstand this evening, she swept her hair back into a sleek updo with a Jimmy Choo clutch providing the finishing touches to her look.

I’m sure I don’t need to ask you which look you preferred from last night and tonight.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

23 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi In Carolina Herrera – ‘The Bling Ring’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. Jai

    I far preferred last night except that the wig totally ruined the look. Seriously, what was she thinking?!

  2. Tiger Nueng

    I prefer to night ’cause a Chanel necklace but the whole still dosen’t made me WOW!

  3. fromchi-town

    I love it… love the daring print on it. Today is already so much better and more excited than the opening night.

  4. Nat39

    Would’ve preferred a clean neckline without the statement necklace, it upstages the look, great otherwise.

    1. Prudence

      exactly! everyone always wears a ton of jewelry during cannes and I really do not like it.

  5. Pablo

    I wasn’t such a hater of her opening ceremony look, she looked chic. But this is certainly the type of OTT glam we want at Cannes. That necklace is something else! Wow.

  6. Lil's

    Nice dress but the accessories are way too overwhelming. She should have let them home. There’s already a lot on that gorgeous dress

  7. Alicat

    I love the combination of the modern print with the traditional silhouette. She looks beautiful.

  8. Flavia Style Source

    Imposing dress which looks good on the actress. The choker and the clutch counter-balances the black revealing the silver grey of the dress. Yet you see the actress’s face and figure. It is harmony between the wearer and the dress, the created silhouette, the color scheme of the actress and the gown dress.


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