37 thoughts on “Who Was Your Best Dressed On Day 2 of Cannes Film Festival 2013?

    1. Catherine Kallon Post author

      She is a juror…she doesn’t attend every premiere…just the ones nominated

  1. Dhppy

    This is a nice group of gowns we have today. For me it’s Tautou. The texture and the origami structure of her gown is just bewitching to me. I want to get up close and examine it.

    1. Denise

      +1. It was a truly original and exquisite gown. I also loved Freida Pinto, Sonam Kapoor and Octavia Spenser.

  2. Paul

    Audrey tautou…come on..you re french…you re MC ..serioulsy, you coul not find a beautiful outfit in a french brand, in paris….young designer if you cant stand big names…. ????

  3. Marybeth

    Sonam Kapoor is my favorite. Outside of looking gorgeous, she brings the kind of drama I love to see at Cannes.
    Freida Pinto is my runner-up. So elegant and beautiful.
    Honorable mention to Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji and Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab, combinations made in heaven!

  4. Nat39

    Voting for Sonam for delivering a beautiful Cannes-worthy moment, and I really loved Frieda, she was superb.

  5. Agam

    Its Sonam Sonam all the way……this girl just knows how to surprise n wow you….her first appearance was an ethereal saree with a beautiful crafted jacket and the signature nose ring….and now she has blown me away with the strapless dolce n gabbana dress…youthful elegant flirtatious gorgeous….way to go girl

  6. Mandy

    1. Sonam Kapoor
    2. Emma Watson
    3. Audrey Tautou

    Honorable mention for Taissa Farmiga in Valentino.

  7. EmmaWoodhouse

    1. Fan Bing Bing
    2. Sonam Kapoor
    Both are SO BDOTY-worthy!
    3. Zhang Ziyi–also flawless.
    4. Octavia Spencer–can do no wrong!
    A great day.

  8. Natalie

    Fan Bing Bing’s look all the way. The styling is just flaw-free. Sonam Kapoor’s skirt is honestly too much and her hair is off.

  9. TL

    1.Zhang Ziyi
    2.Freida Pinto
    3.Emma Watson

    Especially, I love Zhang Ziyi and Emma Watson’s smile. That’s a A++

    1. Victoria

      Ziyizhang is the best one: elegance, decent. She always shows a good taste on fashion. Don’t like Bingbing Fan: cheap, unfortunate and ambitious agenda.

      1. Kate

        Cheap? Are you out of your mind?
        That’s probably not her best look, but she still looks stunning!

  10. ormone

    Fan Bing Bing and Elie Saab, the everlasting combo never missed a bit on the red carpets!


    FC, I think you missed this look of Sonam in Elie Saab.

    P.S – I am loving every bit of your posts. I actually have glued on my entire team at work to follow your posts and we keep updating each other..

    1. Catherine Kallon Post author


      It looks like that is a personal picture, or an instagram picture, so I can hardly be accused of missing it.

      I try to use only professional pictures paid for directly from agencies.

  12. zoe

    sonam kapoor!!! way to go grllllllllllllllll….she looks stunning and pretty

    second Emma Watson, Fan bing bing and then ms. pinto

  13. Jess2

    This is a really hard one. My vote goes to Zhang, she looked absolutely exquisite, followed very closely by Fan. I also love Freida and Sonam.


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